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issues with new version of BeTheme


I have been using BeTheme for many years. I have over 30 licenses and I love it because it just works. However, the latest version seems to have a lot of issues. I don't know if it's just me missing something or not. Here is a link to the current site that I have just started building:

Here is a list of my known issues - so far:

  1. On the Resources page, I have 3 wraps set up at ⅓ width for each. However when the page displays, the three columns don't go all the way across the page. The thrid column always jumps doen to the next line. The only way I can get them to stay on the same line is to remove all of the margins from the wraps. I've never had a problem with wraps not working...even with margins. When I edit with BeBuilder it is correct. But in my browser live view it is not.
  2. On the home page, the slider just above the contact form at the bottom of the page, will not allow me to make the images full width. I have tried everything...I've checked the section using develper tools and nothing will let me increase the width to full width for this section.
  3. On the home page, the section just below the calendar needs to have some padding on the dark blue background. I have set 100 px top and 50 px bottom, but it is completely ignoring the values that I have entered. I have spent several hours trying to get this spacing correct. I can make it happen when I use developer tools, but not on the theme settings. When I view the admin section those values are entered in the Advanced>Spacing section, but are ignored on the front end. When I try to edit with the BeBuilder, it is correct, but when I just view in my browser without the BeBuilder active it is not correct.
  4. On the Parent Authorization page, I have added a background image to the section. I'd like for it to be a parallax image (which I currently have turned off). My image does not show up on the page. But when I look at the info portion of the section in the admin view, it shows that the image is set for the section. I am using the same image as I used on the home page behind the calendar, so I know the image works. I have the same issue on the Parent Authorization Forms page. The back ground image does not show up.
  5. On the Parent Authorization Forms page, there are three wraps. They each have a colored background applied. That colored background does not show up on the front end. Only in BeBuilder.
  6. On all pages styling section (except for the BeTheme Options colors) the color box defaults to website friendly colors. For example, if I try to type in #cbc2a9, it replaces the hex code with #ccbbcc. I have to go in and replace each of the characters one at a time in order to get the color I want. I have been experiencing this issue for the last few websites I've built, but I have just dealt with it. It's not a huge issue, but it is time consuming and annoying.

I know that this is a lot for one post, but I have spent so many hours trying to make this work...I've used developer tools to try to make changes, but every new page I create has new issues. Basically, many of the pages are ignoring the settings that I am using in the style and appearance sections. I have never experienced any kind of issues like this with this theme. I have loved it and use it exclusively for all of my clients, but the last 2 sites I've built with it, have had issues. It's probably just user error trying to figure out the new builder elements, but I need some help.

I have also deleted the theme and reinstalled it. That made no difference.

Thanks for any help/insight you can provide on these issues. If you need to see my admin section, please just let me know.


  • Hi,

    1) Do you set up the margin in the Deprecated settings, or in the Advanced tab?

    If you are using Deprecated, please try the ones from Advanced -> Spacing.

    2) The maximum width you can set for the slider element is by doing this:

    open the Slider settings, choose the style Flat, and choose Hide Arrows

    go to the options of the section with this Slider, and in Advanced -> Dimensions set the width to Full width

    3, 4, 5, 6) In the developer tools console I can see an error about the mixed content on your website, which is causing this issue.

    To handle it please, check the following article:


  • Hi!

    Thanks for the quick response. Here are my answers to your suggestions.

    1. I set the slider options to flat and hide arrows. But when I go to the adavanced - dimensions options, it does not give me Full Width as an option. It gives me Default, Inline, and Custom. I was able to set Full width for the Section. I set 100% width for both the wrap and the element, but it's still only about 75% of the width of the page.
    2. I checked the protocol and my site was set to http, but my frontend was https. So I changed that and it fixed a lot of the problems.

    Thank you so much!!!! The only issue I am not happy with at this point is the slider width. I can't use a revolution slider or layer slider for this section because it needs to be very easy for my clients to update/add/remove photos themselves here. Do you have any other suggestions for a full width photo option here? Maybe just use an image gallery? I need to have captions and ttitles for each photo.

  • 1) Please, try the following CSS code:

    .slick-slide img {
     width: 100%;

    Put it in Page Options -> Custom CSS.

    2) Or you can have a display like this:

    For that, you need to choose a Center mode style and have more than one slide.

    3) You can also try some plugins for such sliders, but we cannot recommend any plugins other than the ones we support. You can find the list on this page, in the sidebar:

    Best regards

  • OK. Thank you. That css code didn't make any difference. I guess I'll just upload my images as large as possible so that they fill the alloted space completely.

    I can't use another slider because my clients will be making the updates and this needs to be as easy as possible. Adding. another slider to the mix will just be too complicated for them.

    Thanks for your help.

  • If you have any other questions or problems, please, let me know.

    Also, if you would like to see a full-width slider style in future updates, please, let us know on the topic for suggestions:


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