Full page content in menu item

Whenever I add a page to the menu, it displays the full page content rather than the page title.



  • Hi,

    first time we see something like that. The only thing we can recommend in fresh wordpress and theme installation once again because maybe something is wrong with your wordpress installation.

    If you uploaded menu items properly then we can`t recommend anything else as we have no idea what is this. Of course you can send us url to your page and we can have a look on it but we can`t guarantee that we`ll be able to find problem. Before fresh installation you can try to deactivate extra plugins and check if this will help.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    I just had this same thing happen to me while I was working on a new site that has a new installation of WordPress as well.

  • Please go to Appearance > Menus section, click on "Screen options" button in right top corner, check "Description" option and remove whole content from description field under each menu item (we are pretty sure this comes from old theme).
  • I tried all of the above without success. 
    I've wiped my WP and BeTheme installation re-installed both and this did not work.
    I've removed any text from the WP editor and I've inserted the same text into the Muffin Visual Editor, I also made sure the 'Hide the Content' button is 'on' ensuring I'm using the Content Builder.
    I've also undertaken the steps in the comment above.

    Can someone from Muffin please take a look at my url and advise what I can do to resolve this?
    PM me for login details

  • Looks like I've sorted it now.  I did not appreciate the page text would be in the description field within each menu item, as mentioned above.

  • Can you explain what was the problem? Description field for menu item as we mentioned above or what exactly?
  • In the Menu section (under Appearance), I did enable Description and removed the description from the menu item and it did in fact remove all of the content that was being displayed below the Menu Item within the actual site Page.

    Still this should be fixed.
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    @CicorMarketing We already described everything in other topic so please take a look on http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/512/page-content-showing-up-in-menu-navigation#latest

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Thanks for the notification.  File changes made and also tested.  Works as described!

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