Demo Content Not Installing Completely

Hi guys,

I have problems trying to fully install Be demo themes. The content and attachments will install, so I get the pages and most of the images, etc. However, the actual layout settings do not update, so I end up with pages with most of their content, but without the layout settings for the specific theme selected, e.g.

During the actual update process it gets so far then just stops - no confirmation message...just the admin page with no content on it.

I tried updating rhe wp-config file with define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M' ); and set_time_limit(180); but that did not help.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks,



  • Hi,

    if you got problems with saving content for pages, then max_input_vars variable must be increased. As default it's 1000 probably while should be minimum 10000.
  • Hi. Thanks for the reply. It's not so much saving content for pages that is the problem. As you'll see from the link I gave, the demo page content installs ok. Rather, it's the styling - fonts, menu, layouts, etc. - that are not being updated.
  • Yep - some styling seems fine - if it was the default layout I was after. This is supposed to be the Spa demo. I am getting most parts of the demo ok. However, elements that are not being finalised are:
    • Footer widgets assignments
    • Menu assignments
    • Main menu items (the demo I get still has 'Sample page' in the menu)
    • Font assignments across all elements

    When the full demo installation process has completed, what message am I supposed to get in admin to say it's done?

  • Probably while Spa import, custom css were not imported because of server limits. Theme uses wp_remote_get() which is wordpress function and uses loopbacks. Your server is probably limited and that's why is not able to import complete pre-made demo.

    After proper import, you should get info, "All done. Have fun!"
  • Ok - I'll check with my host to see what the story is. Many thanks.
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