Sidebar filter "Plugin | Woocomerce" do not appears

Plugin | Woocomerce do not appears as a sidebar. Please check the Screenshots I provide to figure out what I'm talking about. The main goal for me is to make filters on my Shop page dynamic, I mean if you choose one collection on the filter the other collections and Properties that do not apply to products in the collection should disappear.

So i thinks that woocomerce filter widget should work like that, but i can't check this out because it is do not appears. Thank you


  • Hi,

    You do not create a Plugin | WooCommerce sidebar. It is a standard sidebar that is already created by default and cannot be created to prevent potential issues.

    If you want to use the Sidebar element, you must create a sidebar with another name like "MyShopSidebar", and then it should work correctly.

    Best regards

  • How to make it dynamic, I mean when you choose an option on filters for example Apples, the filter should show you only those options that are depends to the apples collection and do not show you options about grapes because that's not what you are looking for. Is it possible for me to make it work like that ?

  • You can create special menus with appropriate categories as menu items, and instead of using Shop Categories widgets, use the Menu widget.

    Best regards

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