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As it is mentioned on WPML plugin website, I need to pay for this plugin on a recurrent basis to receive updates ( Is this correct?

I need to translate the website into main European languages, and generally I'd like to use a free plugin like Polylang ( I have tried this plugin and it messes up the header: when the Polylang language switcher (with country flags) is being displayed in the right side of the header, the main menu with page title has either no space between page titles, or is not shown or the hero section images below the header are reduced etc.

Have there been instances of a free translation plugin usage with Betheme? If yes, then what were these free translation plugins?

My situation is that: 1) I do not need any automatic translations in WP dashboard or automatic content and UI translations. I can perform all the translations with my tools and insert them manually. 2) I do not need automatic translations on the website front-end.

I just need to place and manage the translations of text content and UI elements (buttons, title etc) and display the language switcher correctly.



  • I just have seen people are successfully using Polylang with Betheme. I haven't yet finished the whole website, but am just testing the site translation capabilities with Polylang. (my imported demo site is Energy and I use the header with centered Logo on top and navigation menu below).

  • Hi,

    Yes, WPML must be purchased, and yes we support Polylang as well.

    If you have problems with Polylang, please attach a link to your website and screenshots showing what is happening.

    Best regards

  • It seems I resolved the layout issue for a while, and translations are displayed more or less ok with this plugin (Polylang). I read some Polylang docs, and one thing that seems a bit worrying is that I need to dublicate every page which I want to translate for every other language. Thus if I have 3 langs to manage, there will be 3 About Us pages etc.

    Though in Polylang docs they tell that you need to insert translations into a dedicated "Translations" section of the plugin where for each translatable string you insert translation into a dedicated field of the plugin, this section does not contain the bulk of the text to translate present on a page, it contains just a few UIs to translate. And to translate the main text, I need to create a page duplicate (with all the sliders etc), set its language accordingly and insert translations via a page builder text fields.

    Wouldn't such dublicate pages slow down the website?

  • All plugins I know work this way they create a copy of the original page.

    It might slow down your website but it all depends on your server speed.

    Best regards

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