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  • Hello Pablo,I try to use the same license key but it is not working.I have to buy another one.Regards.
    in Product page Comment by websab May 29
  • Hello Pablo,I don't have any other plugin but for woocommerce.I dont' know but now there isn't anymore.Sorry  8-|
  • Hello Pablo,thanks I will do it.Have a nice day
    in Product page Comment by websab May 27
  • Hey,thank you very much for your reply.To avoid any mistake, it is correct that I've understood that I can import this pre-built website on my already done without any problem and see how it is done.Is it not a mess if I import another pre-built web…
    in Product page Comment by websab May 26
  • Hello Pablo, thanks for your reply.I'm sending you the checkout page that you have to fill with your data When you fill the form and give enter you got this screen Hope this can help.
  • Thank you very much!Cinz
  • Hello Pablo,just to inform you that after the update I made this morning everything is working.There are the sticky arrows.There isn't anymore the sentence "In offerta".The only thing that we have to adjust is the color od the star for the products …
  • Hello Pablo,thanks again!Regarding the "Sticky Arrows" they aren't ticked on but they don't work.
  • :(
    in Sidebar Comment by websab May 7
  • Thank you very much, I appreciate your patiente.This doubt arose because I see that the "prebuild" shop of your theme (as per Beshop for example) have some features that my shop doesn't have (.i.e.previous and following products on the right and lef…
  • Hello Pablo,thank you for your answer.To be honest I dont' understand what means "install BeTheme from scratch" and since I'm not so smar with FTP I leave in this way waiting for update.Just one more thing: for this site I first enter a theme withou…
  • Ok, thanks!
  • No I mean in the main page of the shop
  • Perfect!You know everything, lucky you! I take the opportunity to ask also if it is possible to have more space between the lines in the page shop, otherwise the products seem to be all attached.Thanks  :-SS
  • Hello Pablo,I've no plugin installed but for woocommerce.I did what you asked but it is not working.Please find the screenshot where I enter the list price and the price in offer Thanks again
  • Ok I will, Maybe in the future could be adjusted, it's just a line more. Thanks!   :-h
    in VAT Number Comment by websab May 6
  • Hello Pablo,Thanks for your reply.Maybe my question was not so clear.When a customer make a registration and fill the form with the invoice address and shipping address is missing a line where he can fill the VAT Identification number.Is it possible…
    in VAT Number Comment by websab May 6
  • Hello,thanks Pablo very kind of you.No, I've changed anything, the only text I've modified is "Sold out" and I put it into italian "Esaurito".You mean the text in white "In offerta" that appears on the photo?I was wondering the same.I really don't k…
  • Perfect!Thanks a lot.
    in Button and color Comment by websab May 6
  • Hello Pablo,Thanks I've done for the colors.
    in Button and color Comment by websab May 5
  • Sorry I forgot to put the attached page My site is
    in Button and color Comment by websab May 5
  • Wonderful!Have a nice day!Cinz
    in Change colors Comment by websab May 5
  • Hello Pablo,thank you very much!Can I use this CSS also for other shops changing the name of the color I want to use?
    in Change colors Comment by websab May 5
  • HelloPablo,thanks for your reply.Please find the screenshot of the colors I would like to change.Have a nice dayCinz
    in Change colors Comment by websab May 5
  • Hello Pablo,thanks for your reply.I knew this, but for Woocommerce it is not working.I mean, I tried but the colors remain as per default.Maybe I'm changing the wrong ones.I will try again.Thanks
    in Change colors Comment by websab May 4
  • Hello Pablo,thanks for all! Have a nice day.Cinz
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 16
  • Hello Pablo,Following my previous mail I tried but the problem still remain. To solve the problem I changed the text that is coming out in order to fit correctly and so I solve the problem. After you entered into my site, you turn into english langu…
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 16
  • Hello Pablo,first of all I thank you for the time you dedicated to my problem.Just for pass you all the information, I tell you that this problem came out when I added a new way of payment.Now I try to cancel this kind of payment and I will enter a …
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 13
  • Hello Pablo,I'm sorry to tell you that the text appears even if the plugin are disabled.I've tried to disabled one by one but the text appears.
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 11
  • I will check and I come back to you
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 11
  • Hello Pablo,I've have the following plugin for woocomerce:- Kadence Woocomerce emil designer- Woocommerce P.IVA e Codice Fiscale per ItaliaPro- WooCommerce Extra Charges To Payment Gateway (Standard)- Minimum Order Amount for WoocommerceThanks
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 11
  • Hello Pablo,we have three type of payments but the problem appears independently of which payments you choose.Maybe the confusion is because in the first step when you see the order confirmation before proceed with the payment everything is ok (as y…
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 6
  • Hello Pablo,it is not a problem of cache of my browser.There are two different ways when the phrase is coming out:- the first is when the customer do the order and go to the checkout and in this case is ok as per your screenshot- the second is on th…
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 5
  • Hello Pablo,I entered the CSS but it is not working.Could you kindly check?Thanks!
    in Shipping cost Comment by websab March 4
  • Thank you very much!
  • Hello Pablo thank you for your answer.Sorry I forgot to tell that I'm using slider revolution.
  • Hello Pablo,thanks you very much!Have a nice week-endCinz
  • Hello Pablo,my site is online.You can reach it at following link: This is the screenshot admin panel with message: 
  • Hello, thanks for your answer.For the moment the site is under maintenance.I will contact back when it will be online.Thanks
  • Hello Pablo,it's working!For do this it is necessary to put everything in the slogan line and leave empty the line "phone" and "mail"Thanks again!Best regardsCinz
  • Hello Pablo,thank you very much for your reply.Very kind of you, as usual.Have a nice dayCinz
  • Hello Pablo,thak you very muchWhy it is not possible to put in different line.
  • ok thanks anyway
  • All the other mails are coming out without any problem.The only mail is not coming out is when the customer choose to pay by cash on delivery,
  • Hello Pablo,thanks for your quick answer.Yes I set everything in Woocommerce and the mail it is not in spam.I cannot understand where is the problem.
  • Perfect!!Thank you very much!:) 
  • Hello Pablo,thanks for your reply.I've solved the problem modifying the php option.They were setted as max uplod at 2 M and I setted to 128 M and now it is working perfectly.Thanks!Have a nice dayCinzia
  • Hello Pablo,thanks, you already did a lot!I wish you merry Christmas and happy new year!Cinzia
  • Hello,I've just tried in this moment (here are 9.45 pm - Dec. 19) and I got the updated!!!I don't know if you have done something in the meantime but I can confirm that the problem is solved.Thanks for the patience and help.Best regards. :) 
  • Hello,I follow your suggestions but I'm very very sorry to inform you that I still got have the same problem as described in my previous mail.I'm sorry for this but I don't know how to solve the problem.Thanks in advance for your reply.