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  • Hi, not sure please what picture to sent as it is a general question. I am asking if the options for subheader can be different for mobile. For instance, can I hide the subheader just on phones or can I make it smaller just on phones please? Than…
  • Hi, here is an image: I made red rectangle around the line I want to get rid of. Thank you 
  • If I may also please ask how to change color for this element for the slider as well  01 - dots below the slider (dots icon). I figured I can change that by changing the theme color but that also changes so many other things and I don't want that. 
  • Hi, yes, would be grateful if you could help me with the CSS. I need to change the color of just the arrows (icons)  When I inspect the element I see this  I tried both of these classes for custom CSS but none of them worked. Thanks a lot 
  • thanks! That did the trick 
  • It works, but it jumps. Not smooth scroll. I don't have it published yet 
  • I forgot to mention that I use muffin builder and not WPBakery page builder. I guess maybe that is important to note. 
  • Thank you! It worked perfectly. Only one more thing, is there please way how to achieve the same with button in slider revolution?When I click on 'actions' > simple link > and add my #link it does not work, it jumps to the section but does no…
  • But if search engine robots can see both then it will be duplicate? Thanks
  • If I use builder SEO, does it duplicate my content?  Thanks
  • Thanks, that helped 
  • Hi, thanks, but I tried this and it didn't work. It is not image frame related. see picture:
  • Hi Pablo,  I tried and all the icons are appearing except for instagram icon. Do you know why please? the code should be correct, I just copied and pasted it for pinterest icon and changed pinterest for instagram.
  • Hi, I am having the same problem. I don't want my social media icon to be in the footer but somewhere else.  I have this code:    All icons besides icon for Instagram are showing up. How can I make Instagram button to show up please.  Thanks
  • That worked for me, thanks
  • So there is no way to push it further to the right? To push to the yellow area a little?  I just want to my widgets to be on the right side, with the options above the widgets are centered but not on the right side of the screen. I have seen in on …
  • Hi, thank you for your answer, but I am still confused as on my computers it always looks like this: As you can see it's still on the left area of the sidebar and not in the middle. Or maybe if it already centered …
  • Hi, thanks, but unfortunately this didn't work for me. And yes, I deleted browser caches.
  • Hi, here is a link: In the future I would like to add more widgets and I would like all of them to be centered. Is there any way to set it up please? Thanks
  • Hi, unfortunately it still does not work. I deleted media and pages for the pre-built website you downloaded as that's not the one I wanted. I want the EXTREME 2. I tried to install it and now I am getting different error: cURL error 28: Connection…
  • Hi Pablo, could you please tell me what logs exactly would help you? What should I ask my hosting provider? I sent the access. Will you inform me here or on my e-mail? Thanks 
  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried that and it didn't help. Still the same issues.  Is there anything else I can do please? My BeTheme is useless at the moment. 
  • Hi, 1) thank you for the reply. You mean link to my page? I am just creating it, but you can view it here: . Here you can see the grey boxes though.  2) Here, I used the pasteboard: . I w…
  • Ohh I am sorry, I didn't sent the more important picture.!AgnGQQXdd_gk0wEmiOf4Dxd4YS1h I would like my footer to look like this on mobiles and tablets. Thank you, I managed to have it horizontally on desktop but on the mobile an…
  • Thank you for the reply I tried both, with columns there is need to insert text with the image and I don't want that. Icon box allows me to only add right border. I also need to add top and bottom. There is no option to add custom styles in the ic…
  • Hi, thanks it helped. But the color of the underline did not change. How can I change that please? 
  • Hi Bryan, thank you for the advice. I have the move up option set up because I need to move the counter up to the slider. If I set the move up to 0, how can I then move the counter?  I tried to set the move up to zero and the hover does work as you…
  • Thank you, that worked. Is there any ways how I could make the counter responsive too? Because I used the move up options it is not rensponsive now and when I make the screen smaller it collides with the text. Also I don't know why but in smaller r…
  • I have done as you said but the problem remains.  The button on live still does not hover effect as in the preview mode does. Also noticed that the button is not responsive at all. When I make the screen smaller the button is still of the same size…
  • Thank you a lot, I managed to do almost all the changes I needed with that code: Still could not change the underline of the active link. The option you sent me a picture of change both active link and underline, but I need to change just the under…
  • Thank you! The move up field has done the trick. I have one more question about the counter. How can I please get rid of the lines in the background of the counter? Every time I create a counter these lines are always there and don’t know how to…
  • Thank for your answer, I have been trying hard to get the result I want but I still cant achieve it. The website is still work in progress but I already uploaded it from local to live since I really don’t know how to solve these customization. Would…
  • Hi Pablo, I see, that's a pitty. How can I add least add a counter so it would be positioned in a picture? Not in the Revolution Slider plugin, but in general when editing a page. Thanks 
  • Hi Pablo, thank you for the reply. My page is offline now but you don't need to be it live in order to answer my questions. It would not help you in any way, I am asking about customization of the action button and sticky header.  I could send you …