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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

Where can I find my purchase code?


  • no, I just use the key for one website only, First i make a subdomain for development and after that i transfer website to real domain thats it. Did not use on any other website/project. Thank you
  • check this recorded video. i added the scroll class to "cosmetic dermatology " but you can see the scrolling is not smooth.
  • Ok for the scrolling i will try by adding class name. But what about the form? why form alignment is not fixed? check on this page why the form fields are not aligned. I uploaded the website Manually. But the form…
  • I sent message again with login credential and forum link. Your scroll section still not smooth after checking this checkbox.
  • how I can add smooth scrolling to a specific div? I added a link on the page its scrolls but is not smooth. You can test it by clicking on the button in the header "book an appointment" you will see its move but smooth. https://ydmc.adinbm…
  • I will suggest you , add the function in the blog slider. How many slides per view? it should be in a blog slider builder function. So we can select either we want to show 5 slides per view or 4 slides per view. Now there is a total number of slides…
  • I sent my wordpress details in contact form, please check it
  • check this link I added the subheader banner and update the page when i move down after update the page the banner image is not there. same thing as i told you if i add the custom class name after updating the page the c…
  • Hi, i do not know what is this issue. checkout this page. i Added the section called "Equipments We Use" and update it, after refresh the page the section automatically deleted from the page. https…
  • and i also want dropdown and calendar placeholder color green as above fields.
  • and please check on this page why the form fields are not aligned.
  • As per your instruction, I added the placeholder but the view is the same, still, four slides showing in the slider. the size of the slides reduced but still showed four slides http…
  • for the blog slider, I think adding a placeholder is not a good approach, Would recommend you to add functionality in the builder to add the number to show slider per view same as numbers for the number of posts in the slider in your next theme upda…
  • Please check now, I installed the plugin and URL is changed now. Help to make subheader image responsive. Thank you
  • One more thing, The navigation arrows i want it in bottom left not top right position is there any way to move it down? without any code glitching
  • Hi, Hope all is good. I made a website on server, develpment stage. can you please check now why the subheader background image is not responsive? One more thing, In the news page, i added blog slider. I want to disp…
  • yes the website is offline (localhost). Ok i will upload it on sever at development stage and send you link. Thank you
  • No check, its not hidden
  • In theme option the hide subheader is unchecked, then why in CSS getting property display none? after disabling the property the header showing like this... seems not perfectly done CSS in default the…
  • I already tried that, now try it again but no result still not showing image in the header
  • No, still not working check attached screenshots.
  • Actually i can not send link. because its not uploading on any server, its still in development stage on my local computer server
  • And how I can make a section equal height with align-center vertically. like this
bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü