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Where can I find my purchase code?


  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/029/KO98I6X7KH6S.jpg Dear support! How can I solve it so that a customer can not only log in but also register in the login tab? It is already translated in the picture, but obviously I want to create a…
  • Dear Support ! https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/384/HLV6ZMSU3AUL.png https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/340/WWLOL7D1W3VW.png What could be the problem on the connection page? I attach the pictures, it says an error, even thou…
  • Dear Support ! Is there a plugin that they recommend, or a code that can be pasted and searched based on the search engine's sku? or could the search engine be somehow made smarter based on this?
  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/604/P12NCJUY4CJG.png there was just an update, or maybe because of the described settings, the filter also appears in the products tab... please help, what could be the problem? ​
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yOoHxlRmqqAaOC2NA_CeypRWsT9-wlMh/view?usp=sharing To my first question, I show you in the video, on an older version of Betheme, that there is a function that, by clicking on the product's parent category, takes you …
  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/248/72POW3V23ZS8.jpg https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/615/ZRCBIX99V4Y8.jpg https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/752/5CSFCLK41H24.png The tutorial video given in point 3 is either no…
  • and is it possible for the be attributes to appear only in the categories in the filter section in which I want them? example: the sizes for knives are 13cm-15cm-18cm But shoes also have sizes like 40-41-42 And I want that when searching in the gi…
  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/540/JYUJLCHNCON8.png https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/371/UTM2FTCBHQRJ.png Also, unfortunately, I made the pictures as you described and they are not uniform, they are spread apart! www.biro…
  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/211/0GG85G0RBYGX.png https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/022/VYLBN0A04J7H.png Regarding my second question, even though I have set it up, as you wrote, just like in the previous webshop, it is …
  • Use a plugin or something, that know search with sku parameter.