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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

Where can I find my purchase code?


  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/comment/219205#Comment_219205 It is possible already though to use CSS-variables. Just create a custom CSS file somewhere, e.g. the theme's option pages, and then just use your CSS-vars instead of the…
  • For any one interested, it is already possible through CSS variables: Create custom CSS: :root { --primary: #2b2b2b; --secondary: #ffc857; --third: #adf1d2; --black: #000; --white: #fff; /* ZINK */ --zink100: var(#fafafa); --zink200: var(#f…
  • These are some of my hopes for soon to be included features: Global colors: let us create a palette of say six predefined colors that can be used everywhere (on elements, any option, the builder, and so on). For more detail, see this post: https://f…
  • Thanks! Will do 👍🏻
  • Hi! This is not exactly what I mean. If there had been under general, say 6-8 colors that on could define, these could be used one the elements, action bar, header and so on. So if I have Color #1 set to blue and this is the theme's main color, I c…
  • Sure. Say I create a pallet of colors and apply them to every aspect of my site. If I later want to adjust one of those colors, I can simply edit that one color and all my templates, pages and posts will display that new color where it has been used.
  • That is very good news 👍🏻 Looking forward to the update!
  • Thank you for your answer. So, this has to be done on each post on the site manually? No global template? On your pre-built sites there seems to be different layouts for posts - are all those styled one by one?