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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

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  • My site is having problems with Contact Form 7 and after doing lots of research, it appears that the reason is due to a conflict with the BeTheme. http://oakvillecounselling.com When submitting the form correctly, the validation message no longer a…
  • Actually nevermind, it's not fixed. Using margin-top: 55px; works for longer pages (http://oakvillecounselling.com/01oc/about/) but then it doesn't work for the homepage (http://oakvillecounselling.com/01oc/), 61px instead works. Is there a way to g…
  • Awesome, thank you it worked!  I made the margin-top 61 instead, but otherwise that worked.
  • I went through and one by one removed each of those lines, and this didn't solve the problem.  When I removed: #Top_bar .logo {height: 170px;} it seem to have reduced the area below the sticky menu that affects the mouse overs, but still not working…
  • I followed your example with the 2 columns items, and this is the result: http://oakvillecounselling.com/01oc/approach/ I don't think the #features .one-second:nth-child(2) is targeting the list items.  Thoughts?  Help?
  • thank you very much
  • Doesn't seem to work.  Please see www.oakvillecounselling.com/01oc/ as the shadow is still there.
  • See http://oakvillecounselling.com/01oc/ and scroll down the page, the menu links are way off.
  • No problem.  Your centre menu fix provided here: http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/170/any-suggestion-how-to-center-menu-using-stack-center Giving the css of below, messes up the menu when scrolling further down the page.  How do I fix…
  • Thanks for your help. One final question regarding this header and it's image.  I am currently using the stack centre header style with a header image as the header background.  As the browser width reduces for tablets and smaller screen sizes, the …
  • Thanks for providing the logo adjustment. Here's what I'm looking for with the action bars.  Essentially I want each item to always show an action bar, but a different colour, unless it is an on mouse condition.  Here's a jpg describing the current …
  • Great, thanks for the direction to centre the menu.  Now that I've centred the menu, is there a way I can bring the logo back to the left hand side? Okay, understood about the action bars below the menu.  As for the colour change, I would like the a…
  • Also, is it possible to centre the whole menu?
  • But how come the menu bars are shown below when the menu is sticky and still shows up half-way down the page Additionally, if you're able to show the bar below the menu when the mouse is over as per the css above, doesn't that indicate that it's pos…
  • Thanks for providing the css for the bar to be below the menu link during the on mouse highlight.  Please click here: http://oakvillecounselling.com/01oc/ How can I get it so that the bar is always below menu items?  I'd also like to colour the menu…
  • I'm going to take my time anyways and remove the theme's files.  When I upgrade, I'll just document and make sure I know what to change again for every revision. How do I remove the space between the very top and the top_bar/logo area?  Where is tha…
  • Where in the theme's css files does it make the background white for this area? The default background for a div tag should be transparent so somewhere in your theme files you call this area to be #fff.  Thoughts on the css files where this might be?
  • Great thanks.  Is there anyway to have the on mouse highlight below the text instead of above?
  • Too bad.  Thanks for letting me know
  • Adding columns adds some odd borders and backgrounds to the area and I also can't seem to get the icons on the left to align to the right - the custom CSS isn't working. Could you please provide the whole code for that App page?  Perhaps I'd be able…
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