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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

Where can I find my purchase code?


  • Albert, I am aware that you can not use custom css strings like the top line. That was simply just a line of text to see if it would load in the <style> areas of my <head> on the blog post. None of this CSS, even with the top string rem…
  • Hey Phil, I do not enable any optmizing tools on my server or plugins. Thats strange you see some files minified. I believe I found the culprit and the animation elements are appearing on mobile now! I believe it was the 'Content overflow' setting w…
  • Thanks for the info. I deregistered BeTheme from my temporary devolopment domain and have now re-registered it to the correct domain allaboutmellc.com. I updated to the newest version and BeTheme is up to date at Version: 27.3.9. Tested again and t…
  • Cloudflare should now be paused on both my domain and sub-domain. Cleared Cache and tested again with the same problem persisting. I'll leave cloudlflare paused for further troubleshooting. Let me know what other steps to take and thanks for your he…
  • Log-in credentials have been sent with a link to this forum discussion. I have also noticed the same problem on my sub-domain https://shop.allaboutmellc.com which is using a different website template but is also built using BeTheme and experiencing…
  • Hello, I removed the Country restriction I had enabled in Cloudflare. You should be able to access the website now, thanks.
  • Unfortunately, I encountered challenges in creating a subdomain for a temporary domain, and despite my efforts with my hosting support, it impears impossible with my hosting provider. I am now adjusting my approach and instead of a subdomain, I plan…