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Where can I find my purchase code?


  • Hi Yes with ACF i mean Advance custome fields. And this setting is not help. curios is also that if i login, i see the content but user is not see this content.
  • the red marked text we miss.
  • Hello, Just solved the problem. But thanks a lot for the help. Best regards, swissclick
  • Hello, So it's fact, that the accordion and the tabs are gone? It's not just me? How long do you think? hours, days, months? Btw, thanks for always answering so quick :) Best regards, swissclick
  • Hi, Yes, I did that. I installed it from there. What do you mean by wait for it? How long do I need to wait for that?I have a clients project that needs to be finished and currently the accordion element is missing. I hope we can find a solution.
  • Hello, No, not with shortcodes. We want to display the product with the "Post Masonry Grid". I know its a really untypical way to portray this product, but the client asked for this. And if we assign more than one category to a product, ev…
  • I understand, but thanks for the support anyway. If I find a proper solution I will post it here.
  • Is there a way to try this without destroying my page completely? I mean if I change the theme know, It will really mess it up I guess. About the CSS Changes I did: Well maybe, but the only thing I did to the logo area was to adjust the size of the …
  • Hello,  Well the Logo itself is shown of course, but not the animation.So that doesn't really help me.  The only thing that doesn't work is the hover effect on it, which clearly works if you look it up here: http://vitabooster-neu.swisscl6.myhostpoi…
  • Dear Betheme Team, This is the site:'s still in development. At the top you can see the svg logo, which doesn't work. But If you look at the file itself it works fine when hovered. (http://vitabooste…
  • Dear betheme team, Well I didn't copy any code anywhere. I did the animation with svgator and apparently it worked that way, without any code. The Animation worked fine, when I used it on another page. One thing I once noticed is, that in the header…
  • Hello muffingroup I solved the problem. I gave my content box "{ margin-bottom: -35px; }". Not a really great solution, but it works for the one site I needed it for.
  • thank you, on my side it was into visual composer assets lib i change folder name to _prettyphoto and after it swas ok.
bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü