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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

Where can I find my purchase code?


  • Also I want to speak to someone in management. Please escalate this issue. Provide me their contact details. 
  • My licence is locked to staging2.axiom-online.co.uk/ Are you going to unlock it? Can you reply to this issue?  Currently, I have a valid licence which I am not able to use.  PS I HAVE SPOKEN TO ENVATO THEY DISAGREE WITH YOU. They will be in touch
  • 1. e.g So you click on the action button in the header and the betheme popup / model appears containing a gravity form contact form.  2. Click a button that activates the same model/form on screen.  Plus options to configure for mobile if required.
  • but the key is not working on my multisite installation. staging2.axiom-online.co.uk so i need to buy another key for my live site axiom-online.co.uk? it doesn't say this in envatos terms and conditions. can you show me?  like I said it's not practi…
  • The licence is registered to staging.axiom-online.co.uk. I am no longer using this url as explained above.  Please resolve this asap. 
  • sorry but this does only work on a WordPress multisite installation...? Makes no sense. I don't understand your meaning. I have two installations.  axiom-online.co.uk (live with caching in place) staging2.axiom-online.co.uk (staging multisite (no ca…
  • I fixed the above issue :) I clone the section and reduced the padding + a smaller pic.  However I can't fix the table/content issue on mobile. e.g the $234 does not fit on table. I tried various padding but could not fix it.  Please see screen shot…
  • Thanks. Does that mean I can totally disable muffin builder? How? Also will this mean that current/live pages built in Muffin will break?
  • Reason is i'm losing business by allowing them to learn muffin builder.  I want to restrict them to default templates I create and only allow text content editing. 
  • To update via FTP, go to your server using FTP, enter wp-content/themes and remove the betheme folder, then download the newest betheme from themeforest and unzip it on your pc. After you do that, copy the new betheme folder to the themes folder. th…
  • Ok, no worries about the forum.  I have one final question. below I noticed really good Pingdom results for a Betheme demo. I am looking to move my primary company theme from the7 to Betheme. I will buy a new licence. however please advise  I want g…
  • Hello, Yes the support forum, here. I can provide a banner and create a custom landing page. Also another quick question.  We have changed the server to 10,000 but still red. Whats the recommended value?  In the System Status > Server Environment…
  • Also, I had a quick question. Am I able to put my companies banner on your support page like the other customisation banners here? 
  • Do you have a guide for the standard method of updating the theme ( via FTP)?  Thanks
  • I read in your forum its possible to use VC add ons in muffin builder - how to do? have any instructions?
  • Thanks v Much.  1. Also I need to know why portfolio has been used as opposed to a normal page or post.Although some of the features are nice it's more like a blog post. Im also worried about the seo impact of using portfolio page compared to a norm…
  • I see there is no slider. Thats my mistake.  Close this this thread/support case. Thanks 
  • I need a quick answer. Is this the correct support channel?