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can you link a Posts "Featured Image" to an external link?
  • I am posting youtube videos using this template.
    Seems to be shaping up well..

    However, I want to have images also associated as it looks better in the side bar etc..
    You can link to a youtube video by, for example.. see this explination..

    I can download all the images and upload them, but that s a lot of work. (Am upgrading a site to this template and it has a lot of historical posts)  If I could only drop a LINK url to an image in place of uploading an image, that would be so much better?

    Is that possible?  Have I missed something?


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  • Hi,
    Let me point you at my test site.  at this page as an example

    On the sidebar to the right of the page under "Recent Posts" you will see 3 posts that point at youtube videos listed..
    The first 2 have images I have uploaded in the the post authoring page under the right side bar option at the bottom called "Featured Image".
    The 3rd post has no image accociated with it, only the youtube video..  As you will see, no image present..

    So to have an image appear with a POST that is based on a Youtube video.. I must still upload an image..
    It does not, for example, allow the default to talk to the Youtube-API to load the image from Youtube thumbnail as the link above discusses hot you would set a link to the image....

    So. the question is..  Can the "Featured Image" option on a post be linked to an image or must  I always download the thumbnail, upload it to the blog and select it???

    Maybe this is a future enhancement request when it all comes down to it??


  • Sorry I am not following...

    If I set the "YouTube video ID"  and point the post at a youtube video..

    How do I make the "Featured Image" use the thumbnail??   The only option I can see is to select "Select featured image" button/link and upload an image...

    Maybe your not understanding me..

    YES the thumbnail is displayed in the articles view.. for example..  but when I have a "Recent Posts" in a sidebar..  there are no SMALL images showing in that sidebar list..

    Only if I do upload a featured image does it display in that small sidebar view..



  • Come on guys..
    Please acknowledge this issue and tell me what is going to happen so I understand my position?

    Do you now understand the problem?  If so do you plan to address it?  If so, in what time frame?
    If not.. just tell me so I can move on.

  • Hi MG,
    Yes, if I upload an image and set it as "Featured Image" then yes, you do get a small image icon in the "Recent Post" sidebar..  But like I have been saying.  Like with articles view, you get the youtube thumbprint as the main image above the posts heading..  but you do not get any small/tiny thumbprint in the recent posts view.
    This is not the end of the world, but would be a nice feature..
    Having to generate thumbprints for all my posts just so it shows the tiny/small thumbprint in Recent posts, not really worth while.  A lot of work for a small thing..

    And it would be nice if it did this automatically like the larger image above the post topic in article view..

    So, can you please confirm that you understand the problem..  And my request to add it in a future release if possible.


    However, if as you say it Should be working..
    Sure I can give you access to my test site.

  • Ok, so as I was expecting..

    This request would be a nice feature to complete the look.
    Please add this request to the feature request queue for this and other templates you create.
    They are great..