Forum has been created to help all our customers in properly working our theme. We offer complete help with configuration theme and make default look, just like on our Kora demo. We don`t offer theme customization.

Before creating a new discussion, please:
1. Check on forum if discussion hasn`t been created before. Use the forum Search on the right.
2. Read carefully the documentation included to package.
If you didn`t find what you need and would like to post a new question click the "Start a New Discussion" button on the right.
4. You can post on forum only after registration (you need purchase code to register) .

NOTE!!! If you are starting a new topic and have got problems with your site and you want us to check what`s wrong please always give url to your site because without that we can`t check what`s wrong. Each case may be different because of your installed plugins, servers or other things.

How update to the new version of Kora Theme?
  • Remember to always make backup of your files and database. 

    At first you need to download the new package from Themeforest. You can do it in your Themeforest user panel > Downloads. There is always the latest version.

    1. If you didn`t made any changes in theme files, you should to overwrite the old files on your FTP by the new one which you can find in unzipped download package.

    You can do it by using Total Commander or FileZilla. Or you can do it in your WordPress admin panel. To do it please go to Appearance > Themes, activate another theme, delete the Kora theme, then upload the new version in the same way as you installed a new theme.

    2. If you changed theme files and you don`t want to lose them, the best way will be to use one of free available tools for compare files, ex. Beyond Compare
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  • So I was playing around with a copy of 4.3 before I decided to purchase the Theme. So I bought the Theme and I've got a whole website built on 4.3. Should I be concerned about updating to 4.4? Will this break anything? All my plugins are updated to the latest version of Wordpress.
  • Sorry about that got the new confused. I'm using version 1.1.4 of KORA and the new version is 1.2.4. I've got Woo Commerce installed and it's saying there are some theme files that are different in my version of Kora. I want to update but I don't want to lose my content or break my site. 
  • What's easiest way to update Kora from 1.1.4 to 1.2.4
  • Sorry so I'm used to installing themes via the uploader in the admin panel. I no how to use an ftp etc no worries there. I just don't know what to upload. I don't want to lose my content or anything I've spent an intense amount of time building this website. When I unzip the zip file inside the (kora-responsive-wordpress-theme) my hierarchy looks like this.
    Folder - Documentation
    Folder- Kora
    Folder- Licensing
    Folder- revolution-slider-demo
    File - .DS_Store
    Zip - Kora
    Zip - PSD 
    What do I put where?
  • Thank you my friend just so I'm sure. If I just upload my Kora folder to the directory in my cpanel where the current Kora folder is this will not alter any of my current content or break my wordpress installation? I installed it to Blue Host servers using Mojo Marketplace.