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Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • add star rating post review option please.
  • SOCIAL OPTIONS: It would be great to have more options inserting the social icons: multiple locations, and icon/size options.
  • Please improve the header builder for mobile view. We can't chose the left sliding menu type or the colors for the mobike menu etc. The background color we chose on desktop view doesn't work on mobike view for the rows. Currently it is useless. Thank you.
  • I love the multiple sizes of images available in Masonry Flat, but need the spacing available in Masonry Minimal. It would be great if Masonry Minimal had all the size options you have in Masonry Flat. 

    It would also be great if Masonry Minimal allowed you to control the space distance between the images, if you just want a thin spacing between images, or a really large space between images.

  • Hi, try to update the headings management.
    Every style need to have a customization and not macro category like BIG or SMALL headings.


    H1 -> font
    H2 -> font
    H3 -> font
    and so.


  • When i click on a module, do my stuff and save, automatically the page go on top... fix it please!
  • Under:
    Muffin Options > Header & Subheader > Extras > WPML > Custom Switcher Style
    It would be useful to have another option to display both the Flag & Language name (Native)

  • Custom Icon feature is needed.

    Atleast, having the facility to load a custom icon font like FontAwesome is appreciated. Rather than uploading it in our own server, it is so much easier to use their link, 

     <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-fnmOCqbTlWIlj8LyTjo7mOUStjsKC4pOpQbqyi7RrhN7udi9RwhKkMHpvLbHG9Sr" crossorigin="anonymous">

    If we could simply put this in our custom font option in a text field, things would've been easier.
  • Please add the possibility to shrink the section, so we can easily drag and order the sections much more easy. Drag a section with many elements inside is very difficul.

  • I would love to see mailchimp integration in your theme. mailchimp contact form based on an API you enter in the BeTheme setting.
    In the breadcrumb, the link is set to the server's domain name instead of the value set for that WordPress site. This is problematic in multisite configurations because multisites have different domains and is not the same as the SERVER_NAME in the server configuration.

  • edited March 2019

    Use WordPress's built in home_url() function to get the scheme and domain.                      
        Step 1) Open file: /blog/wp-content/themes/betheme/functions/theme-functions.php
        Step 2) Locate the section of the code that declares the "function mfn_current_URL"         
        Step 3) Insert this line to return the value from the home_url()                        
                      return home_url().$_SERVER[""REQUEST_URI""];"                 

    Unfortunately, the above is temporary because new BeTheme update will overwrite this. I hope new update fix this. 
  • edited March 2019
    I suggest an improvement for the next BeTheme update. It consists in that in different pages with "portfolio projects" you can choose how you want them for example "Deactivate details | Only pop-up image" or "Project website | Open in the same window".
  • Hey guys! Awesome theme! I love it!
    I want to suggest a new feature.
    1. Connect/Integrate Clients section with Portfolio.
    For example: I did multiply projects for the same client so I want that people can click on the client name inside my portfolio item so they can see all the projects i did for this particular client.
    2. Extend Clients section. I wish to have some short description of my clients. Just a plain field where i can post some text with html tags and shortcodes.
    3. It would be great to have a small pop-up block with short client description, that appears on when you hover the mouse on Clients name/logo with a link to all the projects in the portfolio connected to this Client.
    Thank you! And I wish you Goood Luck!
  • Hey guys! great theme! I love it too!

    Would you consider to enable Muffin builder to Custom Posts Types ?
    It would be a great improvement and a pain relief for us.

    Thank you.
  • muffingroup 
    When will the resort 2 theme be available to install?
  • edited March 2019
    Having the menu hide reduce the user experience on the website and will create frustration, is something that should be mandatory at least for when"Dropdown submenu" is active and a theme "Creative: Always Open." selected, basic a sub menu display under menu category where menu is always present on the website.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Can you please remove G+ from the social share bar? The service is shutting down as of next month. 
  • Disable the Hover Effect in each Elements. Not only for the whole Site.
  • The ability to create round images and buttons. The ability to create different colored translucent layers over background photos. The ability to customize photos in MB to add borders/frames. The ability to see where, in the Builder you can change something when you've clicked on the wrap, the item, the section, etc... and the bloody thing is still there - and, you've changed every color setting so the one that mistakenly shows is still there. grrrrrrrrrr
  • Semi-transparent overlay for images

    When image backgrounds are used behind text, sometimes users set very bright images as the background, which makes the text in front of it very hard to read. And users cannot be expected to know how to use Photoshop to dim images prior to uploading.

    So the theme should build in being able to set a color value and opacity for an overlay that sits on top of the background image (but behind the foreground content).
  • edited April 2019

    Please add this item:
    1- Mega Menu can show Featured pictures from posts
    2- add Feature for custom post type with adding special icon for that
    4-Add custom icons

  • I would like the title of the images in lightbox display

    thank you
  • Hi everybody!

    Be is a great theme, but I have some features that will make it greater.
    1. Add a prebuilt website for entertainers (like comedians, magicians, clowns, dancers, musicians, storytellers, etc...) that work on private shows.
    2. These people requires a system of reservations online (linked to a personal calendar, for real time synchronization)

  • I know that the fonts section could be optimized:

    There should be more specific settings available (not grouping headers for example). It is annoying to have to overwrite everything in css. In fact, I'd rather only write css instead of flipping through all of the settings here... so maybe just make an advanced tab, let the coders code and have that code autopopulate the wyswyig settings... I'd be happy with that throughout the settings options - then I wouldn't need to flip and do every single size and color etc. very annoying...

    It takes forever to set because you have to manually scroll to the font. You should have the most recently selected google fonts listed at the top of the list in a different color for quick selection.

    You should be able to type the font name in yourself so that it automatically scrolls down the list to what you want to select. 

    There should be an option to add other web fonts from other sources - adobe fonts for example. I know you can get around this by adding a plug in, but why not include it in the theme itself? 

    - Please use this crtique and apply it to the other features as well. I believe the UX could be much better and faster.


    Side note: to those who want to install a child theme, there was no information up front. Seeing as this is a decision that needs to be made after install, I suggest having a section with all revelant information on the about screen where the purchase code must be added. That would have saved me so much trouble...

    Case in point, please also cater to those who can (and or are willing to learn the) code and not only those who want to take the easy way. 

  • Also please look into gallery types and the whole portfolio concept. I see the portfolio as rather redundant when it takes so long to set up pages. What if every page should be a portfolio page? There could definitely be some optimization here. 

    I am also wondering if it might be nicer not to try to pack too much into a theme and instead develop corrolating plug-ins for better optimization and so that the users can have a better selection of features.

    For example, I have yet to find a nice Pinterest-looking photo gallery. At the very least the plug-in must be smart enough to recognize if a Picture is vertical or horizontal and allow the user to manually rearange the photos within the grid. Otherwise you get wierd crops and unplanned arrangements.  

    Maybe I am thinking wrong, but developing a ton of different themes to use the same super great plug-ins just sounds smarter to me... I know you are already kind of doing that, but for me as a designer it is way too limited to what theme and what pre-made website you are using. I would like to see a thought process that allows for more freedom upfront - like the muffinbuilder. I find that it sets a structure with allowing you to build what you want and I am asking myself, but why aren't the photo galleries like that? 
  • add Kicker above the title
  • The ability to add custom icons would be great :)
  • Pleas add something that can show video gallery in blog teaser 
    something like this page 
    Unfortunately , This item was created to display the images only, not video
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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü