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WP Bakery Visual Composer with BE Theme [How to update Visual Composer plugin?]

The BE Theme comes bundled with WP Bakery Visual Composer and I cannot update to the latest version on my WordPress site. How do I go about implementing updates for this plugin? 



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  • Thank you! Your guidance did the trick!  :)>-
  • edited December 2014
    Hi, I've just updated to 5.7, with wp 4.1. I can't update WP Bakery to 4.3.4. It says I need a licence key.
    And I can't see the update in the plugins from the version 5.7
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  • edited December 2014
    I've just updated BeTheme to Ver 5.8 - according to changelog a new VC is part of the update, but when logged in to WP Admin/plugins it still shows I have ver. 4.3.4 of the VC and it asks to update. 
  • I also just upgraded to BeTheme 5.8 and cannot figure out how to update Visual Composer to the new 4.3.5 version. I deactivated the VC plugin and tried to install/upload the new version, but it won't install because it tells me that the Visual Composer folder already exists.

    Do we need to uninstall the plugin and then re-install the new version?

    If not, can you explain how to update VC to the new version?

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  • edited December 2014
    This is quite weird. I have other themes that Visual Composer is part of and there is no hustle with it whatsoever - I get updates along with theme updates. In the BeTheme changelog it is explicitly stated that there is a new version of the VC. And the support points us to google to handle the update? Something is not right here. 

    I'll support the BeTheme Support here and for those looking for a solution there is an easy fix:
    - deactivate plugin
    - delete plugin
    - upload the plugin (you have to download the BeTheme update, extract it, and select the BeTheme\Plugins\ file to upload). Screenshots and more details ->
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  • The weird part is the way you support your theme users. 
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  • Same here can't update WPBakery Visual Composer it asks for activation. This is the latest download of themeforest for BeTheme so it should be uptodate but it doesn't seam to like doing the update. 
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  • Hi, I don´t understand very well. What you mean is for activating the first time the Visual Composer plugin WPBakery have I to buy a separate license and I should do the same for the Revolution Slider plugin, the Force Regenerate Thumbnails, the LayerSlider WP and the Recent Tweets Widget?
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  • Hi, muffingroup. You don´t need to bother because I don´t understand. I do not speak English and sometimes I do not understand clearly what you are saying in your language. I was reading more closely and I realized that those plugins can be used only once, because if I want to use them on another website I have to purchase a new license. But you should notice this disadvantage with uppercase text before purchase, because those elements are the most attractive of the offer.
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  • My version of Visual Composer also seems to not be updated. I have just used the Envato Toolkit plugin to update the theme within the dashboard and the Visual composer plugin version is still 4.3.5.

    But on the Be Theme Changelog for the Version 7.4.1 – April 22, 2015 update it says that the latest version of the Visual Composer was included. I completely skipped this upgrade and went to the most latest one (v7.5) - is there a chance it was left out it the latest update or something or is it because I use the Envato Wordpress toolkit to update it?
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  • I cannot find the updated VC I only have 4.3.5 and I downloaded the latest Betheme 7.6

    Can you help?
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  • I only have
    - envato-wordpress-toolkit
    - js_composer
    - layerslider
    - revslider

    Am I missing something?

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  • I found two ways to update.

    Once the theme zip is uploaded I can deactivate and uninstall a bundled plugin and then refer back to the theme installer to reinstall the plugins and reactivate them.  Once this is done they will all have the new versions.

    Of course, if the site is live, this will most likely cause interruption so to overwrite each updated bundled plugin via ftp is best.  Would be nice if there was a way to update from the back end without having to disable/delete.

    Still better than many envato sellers that play the guessing game about bundled plugin updates.
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  • i need Visual Composer License Key  I need a licence key. 

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  • @muffingroup Yeah, since you use TGM and since the updated premium plugins are included in the /betheme/plugins/ folder, it would be nice if Thomas included an "update" provision in his plugin activation class.  I messaged him the idea =)
  • Thank you @muffingroup I did not realise it was called js_composer
  • Hi @muffingroup

    When I follow the tutorial on the site below, do I lose every page which is made with VC? If so, is there an other way to update? My VC-plugin was in the BeTheme and I need a license key, which I cannot find. 

    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible. 

    Thanks in advance. Regards, 

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