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Muffin Content Builder Migrate Tool 3.0 - change builder paths for images, etc while site migration



  • Just verified my script still plays nice w/ version 10.1 =)
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  • edited November 2015
    I would use this plugin AFTER I installed database on new server and imported the db i locally exported before and after I uploaded all the wordpress folders via FTP and AFTER I imported all the wordpress content I did export from dashboard... 
    right? thx for explaining briefly... ;-)

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  • edited November 2015
    ok thx. ;) 

    I needed to change some MB content on a page and it would not let me do anything...

    I deactivated this plugin and then was able to edit the WP content again.

    Just saying maybe someone runs into this problem and doesn´t know why. ;-)
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  • edited February 2016
    Deprecated - See plugin version Be Relative WordPress Plugin for BeTheme

    I now have a repo with my latest fix that DOES NOT touch any BeTheme core files.  Simply add this to your child theme and all future uses of any BeTheme upload field will store relative paths vs absolute paths, very useful for theme developers as many of the common database export tools will not attempt to change betheme stored urls.

  • I used your tool Muffin Builder 3.0, but not to modify these url in Subheader:image
  • edited January 2016
    Made a plugin for simplicity, simply upload and activate.

  • Thanks so much @pingram3541!

  • pingram3541- I've been using your manual code and it works great! Thanks so much. Can you recommend how I would 'reverse' the manual code approach to install the plugin?
  • I´ve just donwloaded the Muffin Content Builder Migrate Tool 3.0 and simply did not work for me. It says, All done have fun, but when I checked the URLs still pointing to the dev server. 
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  • Yes, Muffinggroup team,  absolutely. I have put the correct URLs and also cleanead cahe 1.000 times.
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  • Hi. It has been some time since this was posted. Is there a new version fo all of this and is there a guide on how to do all of this please? 

    Could you please explain which tool to use to rename temporary URLS on a site. Here is the url that was a temp url. ;
    This has now gon live and I want ALL instances on this site to change to exclude ( I also want the site to be prefixed with www. The site needs to be Who can assist in how to do this. When I try to manually update the Wordpress URL or the Website URL in php or when logged into the wordpress site, it gives me errors.
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  • Hello,

    Since Betheme 12.6, we see "Added: Muffin Builder 3 - Data Storage select (serialized or encoded)". Does it mean that we don't need anymore this tool ?

    Thank you.
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  • I used the migrate tool on my website, but it changed the new address to localhost/
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  • Have had to use this for some sites before (unfortunately) and it worked ok. Just tried using it for a new site and it WIPED OUT the home page content and the contact page content entirely!!! This is with BeTheme 14.4 with the BeDecor demo ( pretty much a fresh install with the demo data so should be easy to recreate. We use WP Migrate DB then have to use the Muffin Migrate tool to take care of urls in muffin builder. Why are you encoding the data in the first place! Very frustrating.
  • arggh! This tool has just wiped my muffin content!! In the database the post table is empty against each page that uses the builder. any chance of a fix as its cost me a lot of time!
  • Ran this tool many times before without issue, this time all the builder content got wiped. Im sure you'll tell me that it doesn't do that, but I assure you with latest version of WP DONT RUN the tool!
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  • im sure it did, but I can absolutely confirm the tool wiped all the muffin builder content. I can see in the forums I'm not the only person this has happened too!
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  • It did the same thing to us yesterday. It's a brand new site with only revslider, wp sync db, and visual composer activated. Using betheme 14.4 with the child theme and the bedecor demo... so I think it's safe to say it's not a plugin conflict. I wouldn't be so sure that "the tool works fine" and so quick to dismiss the issue... pretty unprofessional. It's obviously a new bug popping up so please investigate and fix before more people have to deal with the headache.
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