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Muffin Content Builder Migrate Tool 3.0 - change builder paths for images, etc while site migration



  • Hi,
    I configured a new version with different subtheme of Betheme on a testing server and when i use the mfn migrate tool to replace paths it cleans all pages content.
    Using MFN Migrate tool 3.0 with Betheme 15.3

    Is there a new version of MFN Migrate tool ? What is going on?

    Thanks in advance
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  • Well, i migrated again with Akeeba Backup and it finally worked out fine.
    And paths were ok ..

    Thanks for your reply !!
    Good Work
  • Hi..I've used Akeeba too and worked fine for backup and restore but on the restored website I don't see any page content bult with muffin builder:(( I can't really understand how this is possible.

    Could you please help me out?

    Thanks Daniele
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  • In less than an hour of debugging I found why your plugin is wiping out content. The problem is on line 79: unserialize( base64_decode( $result->meta_value ) );.

    In some situations (such as after syncing a db) the value is not encoded so this returns 0... and you're updating the value with this. You need to check if it's simply serialized first and if not then try to decode and unserialize:

    $meta_value = @unserialize( $result->meta_value );

    if ($meta_value === false) {
        $meta_value = unserialize( base64_decode( $result->meta_value ) );
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  • Well the only link I can find to download it is on the first page here and it still says 3.0. How is anyone supposed to know it was updated to 3.1? And why are people still having the issue? Looks like you just updated it overnight...
  • edited December 2016
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  • I love you ... you guys just saved my ass here.... else i would be replacing urls manually... 
  • Hi we just moved a website from tempoary hosting to the main domain, we used a find and replace on the site and for some reason everything is gone on the pages. The posts are all there, images etc have resolved to the correct domain name, but we cant see our main pages. Can you help? Presently the site is back to the default install style with betheme as the logo and blank site pages.

  • I've migrated and lost my site content for muffin builder content only. Including theme settings. Can you help?
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  • Is there any solution for this blank site after used old migrate tool?
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  • Hi, I wont to replace words on my content with other ,I downloaded the but still cant replace only url..any solution plz
  • Is there any solution for change word instead of other on the content? plz help :(

  • Can you make this tool able to find and replace any string instead of just http or https urls?  I need to mass change a name throughout the website, I've made the change in the DB, but it doesn't change anything that was created with the muffin builder.  The migrate tool throws up a error if you try anything that doesn't start with an http or https.
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  • Thank you very much for this migration plugin. :-)
  • Hello, I used your migration tool. I can't replace URLs inside the muffin builder. I still have the old URL after using your tool.
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  • No, at the moment I used it with all the other plugins activated. On most pages I'm using the same plugins where the url change with the tool was working. It tells me it was success, but I had no changes.
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