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How to import demo slider into Be|theme using Revolution Slider?



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  • bought betheme yesterday and can't import into revslider. when i hit import, it takes me to a blank page which says "importing slider settings and data..." and stays that way, nothing happens. 

    also tried updating revslider from this but there is no "update plugin" button in the bottom right corner!? so how exactly to update? 
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  • right, my bad. 

    but problem i am facing is with importing demos like is it a problem with slider version? if so, could you please send me an updated zip for revslider as i haven't purchased a copy of the plugin separately.

    if it's something else, please point me in the right direction.
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  • hello..
    I am trying to import the 'business' demo slider, I am getting this message -

    importing slider settings and data...
    no custom animations found, if slider uses custom animations, the provided export may be broken...
    dynamic styles imported!

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/rimti/public_html/ on line 423

    I am having the latest version of the theme (version 9.3) & revolution slider (
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  • Thank you for your reply

    I checked with my server admin, they said that the maximum execution time is 30 sec by default for everyone in shared hosting. It cannot be increased. They also asked that if there is anything specific which need to be enabled from there end then they can do that.

    Please note when i am importing that 'business' slider demo this error is cropping up , but for other demos it is uploading smoothly. I thought may there is a problem with the 'business' slider demo file, so I ve also tried to upload the same file from the previous versions of the theme but the result is the same.

    i couldn't find any solution please help...
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  • PLease Help! my revolution slider is not working. did everything but still not looking like the demo!
  • I did everything like said! imported the files and this is what i get - "Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias lawyer not found."
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  • Hi,
    can you help me?

    I can’t import .zip exemples:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function getStream() on a non-object in /home/mitramandalajaya/public_html/betav1/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/slider.class.php on line 924

    I’ve changed permissions of revslider folder, nothing changed

    PHP version 5.4
    RevSlider version (18th August 2015)

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  • Hi Muffin,

    I have chosen "store" from demo.
    And i have imported rev slider file, i imported it with .zip file.
    but my site still written "Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias store not found."
    how to solve the problem? thanks.
  • by the way my revolution slider is 5.05 and i already activate the plugin.
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  • Trying to setup the default demo:

    I was able to import the slider into slider rev but can't import It tells me it can't find "slider_export.txt". I've got the most recent version of the theme and plugin installed.

    I tried to import the "slider_export.txt" and it told me zipArchive not enabled. Don't know what that means. I've read others having similar problems but didn't see a resolution to them anywhere.

    Please help...:)
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  • My host told me: "They are showing zip is enabled if ziparchive is something else you would have to manually add it, which we unfortunately don't provide any support for."

    The thread you sent me to on Stack Overflow did not provide any answers other then to check with webhost. Did that and did not get anything.
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  • edited September 2015

    HI I am using the Hosting theme of Betheme. I have a fresh install of the theme ready, but the revolution slider isnt working right. 

    On the home page, the area where the slider should be is about a third of the size and has a small orange container that reads the following Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias hosting not found. 
    Maybe you mean: 'Slider1'"
    I cant seem to find where the existing slider short code is. I tried copy pasting the slider short code in the Home Page,. I created a container above everything else, and placed the shortcode inside. The slider does work but the formatting becomes off. 

    How do I get this working?


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  • Thanks. 

    Where am I to place the Revolution Slider? Every time I place the Revolution Slider, my header gets messed up and stays like that even after I remove revolution slider. I dont know what to do! 

    Another question is, how can I eliminate the ZigZag border in the theme. I provided a link for reference. It is located immediately under the list of hosting packages.
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  • I tried to download the Revolution Slider demo but every time, if i want download it online, this error message apepar: "This feature is only available if you activate Slider Revolution for this installation".
    How can i activate it?
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  • Hello,

    I was hoping you could help me. I am trying to install BeBaker Demo and have successfully installed the demo and am trying to install the slider file. I have read through all the comments contacted my server provider and have been advised that zip is activated and already was. It's still not working.
    If I chose the zipped folder I have a msg that reads:
    slider_export.txt does not exist!
    If I extract and use the folder inside the error msg is
    error wrong export slider file this could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled.

    I have tried everything that I can see from all the comments and instructions.

    Thanks EFF

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  • Because of the complexity of implementing the Revolution Slider feature, this theme clearly isn't a fit for people (like myself) with no experience in web design.. I have read dozens of posts, articles, comments, responses, etc and struggled with trying to implement this feature, literally for DAYS!.. the tech support folks from muffin group seem to get irritated when questions are asked.. I've seen "have you checked the documentation?" in their responses more times than I can count..there seems to be a defensiveness there.  Be theme has truly BEAUTIFUL templates for a great price, BUT.. it's misleading to say "one click" and "drag and drop" when I cannot, after days of stress and struggle, activate a BASIC AND VITAL PART of the template.  The template is USELESS without it.
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