Changes after Theme Update

I have updated BeTheme from12.6 to 13.3.1 which made my website at looks NOT OK due to changes to Image Frame shortcode.

1- Do we have to check our websites every time we update the theme? Is this logic? You should do your best not to make changes that effect the look and feel.. and if you have to, you should document this very well.

2- But yourself in my shoe, what shall I tell my manager about the following changes after our client got very very angry:

A- Padding around the images:

Screenshot before update

Screenshot after update

B- Images used to be beside each others (this is the worst) see the footer:


  • Hi,

    1. We do not make any changes that may affect current sites and options. If something like that happened, it means you did something wrong during the update. We do updates from time to time and never had such problem.

    2. By accident you were using the bug in theme somehow was working fine on your end. We fixed it because many customers had problems with images on their end. But if you want to sort those images on your end, you need to use the following css:
    .image_frame.inline-block {
        display: inline-block;
        max-width: 100%;
  • I don't want to use a bug or a workaround unless I have to.

    I want to upgrade, but please help me do the following first:

    1- How can I control the padding to have the same in #1 above?
    2- How can I control the images so they are beside each others unless I use HTML or CSS?
    3- How to hide the border or effect to have same in #3 above?
  • Please use the css we gave you above and this would do the trick for all of your questions. Please notice that it's the only way to achieve what you need.
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    I will try it.
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    #2 and #3 are OK. But #1 still the same. How can I control the padding?

  • Ok. So if above css does not work, please use the following one to control padding around images:
    .aligncenter { margin: 15px !important;}
    .alignleft { margin: 15px 15px 15px 0 !important;}
    .alignright { margin: 15px 0 15px 15px !important;}
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