Content Block - Tabs (vertical) - How to add a link to the previous and next tab?

I'm posting a long article in our site. We wanted to split it into shorter and manageable sections, with an 'index" for each section to navigate on the left.
I found out the Content Block - Tabs, using in the Vertical format, works perfect for it.

The question is this. How can I add a  Previous & Next page link at the end of each tab content? I tried adding the HTML <a href="#-2">Page 2</a> at the end, but clicking on it does not activate the "Tab" Change. Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance.


  • edited November 2016
    I also tried adding an unique id to the content block: "article"

    And changing the "Next" link to <a href="#article-2"> instead of <a href="#-2"> ... but to no avail.

  • Hi,

    we are sorry but we do not have any solution to achieve what you ask for. As we know, to make it happen, it is necessary to modify some theme files.

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