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Hi guys

I have some questions to resolve:

1. Recently implemented an interactive background with a script of java 

I can see this background on my page, but can't interact with it :-( (containers cover the background, in certains zones of my page without padding I can interact)
Something I can do to interact with this background? (mouse pointer attracts lines)

2. In the "Zoom Box" how can increase the size of "Content image" with a CSS?

3. My favicon remains in my front page, but in others pages are gone... why?

Thanks for all!


  • Hi,

    1. We cannot really help you with third party plugins or scripts. We do not support it, but I think the problem is that you need to hover over this element directly for it to work, and you got content overt it.

    2. Do you want the image in the zoom box to be bigger (more zoomed)?
    3. The favicon is no working because it is a .gif file, it needs to be an .ico file

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    Hi again

    1. Yes, exactly, Is there any way to make this content "transparent" to hover the background directly?

    2. Not the main image for more zoom (background), the image OVER the background more BIGGER, based on your documentation the "content image" in other words "the red dot on my page"

    3. I can't put an .ico image because It could be related to a bug introduced in WordPress 4.7.1 that should be fixed in 4.7.2 (solved)

  • 1. There is no way, even in the demo when you hover over the box in the middle the effect does not work. You would have to hide all content, which is not a good idea.
    2. Are you walking about the red circle? Really cannot understand you, please send a screenshot with some explanation.
    3. This could help you. CLICK

  • 1. Certainly

    2. Does not matter now, thanks

    3. I have already solved it, thanks again

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