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How to Add Custom Icons

I am building an insurance website, but the pre-loaded icons aren't suitable enough for all of the different types of insurance being offered on the site.

How can I upload custom vector icons to my theme so I can use those instead with the icon box feature within the Muffin Builder?

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  • Do you mean there is no any way to use custom icons? What if we generate a custom icon font and upload it to the theme fonts directory?
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    Using images doesn't provide for the same user experience though, as the highlighting of the icon when hovering over it disappears. Will this be offered in the future?
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  • You are right, that does not. A little bit of frustration. Hope you will find it possible to add a custom icons option in the nearest future. It is a nice and very useful feature. It saves the integrity of the design and gives a buyer a needed flexibility to adapt the theme to his/her business. Using images is not a perfect substitute.
    And do you think it might help if we generate a custom icon font of our own, name it mfn-icons and replace your files with it?
  • I agree with artline_projects 100%. The icons are a pivotal part of my themes design and I'm not able to customize it to suit my needs. I'm left with using icons I hope somewhat resemble the linked to landing pages.
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  • We will check if it works and let you know. At the same time I wonder if any of the theme interface elements use any of the icons that are in your icon font? For example, interface elements in the admin panel. I am a little bit cautious to change an icon set since the absence of some icons with their unique names can (as we suppose) brake the theme interface. If that is the case can you specify the icon set you use in the theme and if it is available at Fontello?
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  • Do you mean that a menu icon on the mobile header and a search icon on the left of the main menu (and the like) are images as well and are not derived from mfn-icons font?
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  • Yes, I see. I thought you might specify a subset since many subsets have the same looking icons but name them differently.
    Looks like many of the icons you use can be found here but, please, specify a subset/subsets used.
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  • Ok, understood. Looks like we have to use all sets at Fontello in order not to miss anything. It's a pity you find it difficult to tell us the sets you have put in the theme. Obviously, you have reasons for that.
  • Yes.. am another BeTheme buyer asking for the custom icon upload option! BeTheme will it BePossible ? :) Looking forward to this update. I *think* this is a simple request but which will have great impact for the improvement of the already good theme!!
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  • 8-> looking forward to it! Don't only consider... Just Do It - Nike :)
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  • I'm waiting for this too, thanks!
  • Yes, it would be very useful.

    I' waiting for this too, thanks.
  • Custom Icons + 1!
  • Need custom icons too!
  • Yeah, custom icons would be nice! :)
  • How are you guys going with this? I'd also love to be able to add custom icons. 
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  • Another +1 for custom icons.
  • custom icons + 1, totally agree the ability to switch to a different set is much needed.
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    +1 for custom icons :)
  • +1 for custom icons.
  • +1 for custom icons...
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