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in which database table exactly is the muffin builder data of pages and posts are stored ?

because I searched all my wordpress database tables and I can't find anything. 


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  • I have the same problem, can't find the portfolio pages data on the database.
    I have to change lots of urls from all pages and portfolio. It's a hard work to doit one by one.
  • I thinkI found Muffin Builder content on wp_postmeta with meta_key mfn-page-items, but coded somehow...
    The content sows something like:

    How can I decode and recode this?
    I need to find and replace lots of urls on pages and portfolio!

  • Please answer rrisler question.
    I have the same problem.
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  • Ok. 
    How can I find and replace text and/or urls in pages made with muffin builder?
  • At last I was able to solve it, but not thanks to the help of the support, which did not work.

    I leave my solution for those who need it:
    1) in Betheme -> Theme options -> Global -> Advanced
    In the option: Builder | Data Storage select "Serialized | Readable format, required by some plugins"
    This will make the data of the muffin builder save them WITHOUT coding.

    2) I use the plugin "All-in-one WP Migration" in which when exporting gives the possibility to search and replace text strings or URLs in the database. To then import it again on the site.
    NOTE: I have used the advanced option and I have only exported the sql (not the files)
    3) In the same plugin I have imported the file generated in the export.

    That is all.

    Something that muffin support could have saved me many hours of work.

  • An important note: after changing the configuration of Betheme it is necessary to enter EACH ONE of the pages, portfolio, etc. and update them so that you can reload it without coding.
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  • Hi, I have exactly the same question as the OP and unfortunately it hasn't been answered yet.

    So: In which database table exactly is the muffin builder data of pages and posts stored?

    I have a backup of my database from 2 weeks ago, but when I restore the database, all the Muffin Builder elements/sections are missing/empty!! It almost seems like these are not stored in the database? If that is the case, where is this data stored? I need to make regular backups of the site, which includes making backups of the Muffin Builder data.

    Thank you
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