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dynamic filters stop working in individual portfolio category

First of all congratulate you for your excellent work.
The reason for this ticket is that the dynamic change of products stops working when I am in a portfolio category.
I explain:
I'm using the BeHome demo.
If I go to the "products" section, a filter appears with the portfolio categories (
But if I enter directly into a portfolio category to be able to show this category directly from a link (for example:, the filters stop working dynamically (the page is reloaded).
At the same time, if you click on "All" in your demo the link that is generated goes to "products" but in my installation, the link that is generated in "all" is the link to the first portfolio shown.
Any way to correct this, or that may have a link to the "products" page but that remains with a marked portfolio category and that continues to have the dynamic change between portfolio categories?


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  • edited February 6
    I have everything activated correctly just as you comment. What happens is that the problem also happens on your demo page (when you are visiting a portfolio category, the dynamic jquery filter stops working).
    Thank you.

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  • Hi, Don't work :(
    if I am in a portfolio category, filtering by jquery continues without working. And the first "li" of the filter (the one that says "all") makes me link to the first product in the list, instead of seeing them all. Have you been able to check your demo template of BeHome? The same thing happens to my installation.
    Thank you very much.

    WP 4.9.3 - BeTheme 20.8.4

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  • Hi, 
    Acces send.
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  • Hello,
    It continues without working. Remind you that this also happens to you in your demo.

    If I directly enter a portfolio category (for example: / portfolio-types / lighting /) the JS filter does not work and every click on the filter reloads the page.
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  • Ok no problem.
    How can I do, then, that the portfolio category filter does not appear when I'm visiting a portfolio category directly by url? (for example: / portfolio-types / lighting /)
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  • Yes, but the problem is that once you are on the page you indicate, when you switch between categories, the page is reloaded and that is not as nice as when using the JS filter.
    Then there are two options: that you can adapt this filter to work through JS even if you are directly visiting a portfolio category through url (I think all your customers would be glad to have that functionality); or do that when you visit a portfolio category that does not see the filter and that you have to navigate through the main menu of the web. Hence the question of knowing how to make the category filter disappear when you are visiting one directly through url.
    Thank you very much.
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  • Ok I understand. Well then I will apply the option you tell me of the css. ;)

    Taking advantage of the ticket, is there a way to assign a fund to the title of the portfolio category? Now there is a gray background, but I would like for each category of portfolio to be able to assign a background image.

    Thanks for your support.
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  • Ok.
    Thanks for all.
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