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New items are not visable

At the homepage of my wife's website about photography i'm using the portfilo opties with menu stucture build by catagories, which work fine.
After adding a new catagrie at the menu and adding photo's to it, not all the photo's are visable and photo's which are visable change in number..
At this moment i have 18 items (photo's) at this catagorie but mostly less, sometimes 7, somtimes 10, are visable.
What can be wrong?

Link to site


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  • Thank you very much!
    In the back of my mind i knew this, but searching for solutions can make you blind! ;-)
    Anyway, it works now, thank again!
  • i'm sorry but after a while everthing started over again. I followed your explaination but still there are not showing some images at one catagorie. Again, sometimes 9, then 13, and sometimes 18 which is all the import off that categorie. I cannot figure it out where it comes from, because, the other 4 catagories working fine. (all images showing up with same settings)
    Does anyone have an idea?
    Thank you in advance,

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  • Perhaps i don't get it. I had 128 small photo's, each 100kb or less, divided over 5 catagories and everything worked fine. After adding 18 new photo's at one extra categorie everything still works EXEPT the new categorie, there are sometimes 10, sometimes 14, or sometimes 8 photo's (you can change the numbers yourself) I followed your instructions and nothing seems to work. We have a section ''macro'' and ''helios'' wich both have way more than 18 photo's and everthing works fine, it's just the sixth categorie that give a different number of photo's everytime it loads.. Hope that you have any suggestions left.
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  • Again, thanks for your help, but i'm feeling a bit like a fool now, because i do not understand what you are explaining... :-(
    When i log in and go the portfolio section i find at the top of  the page ''post per page'' 200  (and not 300) wich i set before is there another setting anywhere on the theme?
    All the other settings are still the same... BUT... everything seems to work now
    I try to understand what went wrong and feeling a bit stupid now..
    Thanks again for  your response in advance
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  • Just as i said, i feld stupid to ask..BUT.. you axplained me well AND now i'm getting it. ;-) Thanks again fot your help, it works fine now! :-D
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