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Muffin Options not saving


I've been building a site for a client over the last couple of months. Everything with BeTheme was working properly tonight while I worked on the site, then I took a break and updated BeTheme to version 20.8.9. After this update, I cannot save any changes in the Muffin Options. No matter what options I change, such as font, colors, button type, etc., the changes will not save. The 'Save' button is visible and I can click it, but nothing happens. 

Another issue: I've also noticed after the update, that whenever I go to Muffin Options, it defaults to opening at Fonts > Size & Style. Every single time, no matter which Muffin Options section I was last in. For some reason, it seems locked on defaulting to this options page.

My PHP limits are at your recommendations. As per your instructions, I've also sent a link to the site's phpinfo.php file through your support contact form so you can view it, as well as my admin login credentials and a link back to this post. 

I've done the following:
Flushed the caches
Logged out and back in from the site
Refreshed many times, while flushing the cache
Closed the browser and repeated the above steps many times, but the issue persists

In summary, everything has worked great for the past two months while working on the site. But after updating the theme to version 20.8.9, the Save function stopped working in Muffin Options. Muffin Options is also defaulting to always opening at Fonts  > Size & Style. These issues would suggest a bug in the new version, perhaps.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide. The client needs the site live in a couple weeks, so please help me resolve this ASAP. 

Thank you.


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  • Your own instructions say to post here, then link to the post when using email support. How about solving the issue.
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  • Hi I have the same problem. Just working on a site, took a break and now the save button doesn't work. WPBakery Page Builder, eg tested on text block, etc wordpress 4.9.5, latest WPBakery 5.4
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    @pandinsky01 - I never received a solution from Muffin or I'd tell you what it is. I emailed their support and all they say is that the PHP limits are too low, which is wrong. They're set at their recommended levels via an .ini file and it's been verified by my web host, GoDaddy, that the increased limits are working. It's also verified in BeThemes's own System Status tab and I sent them screen shots. I gave up, requested a refund, and bought a new theme to re-do the site. It's been 3+ days with no solution and I couldn't wait any longer.
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  • PHPInfo is exactly what I did check and the values were set to your recommendations, verified by GoDaddy and your theme's System Status tab. We've already hashed through this several times. It's not a valid excuse for the theme to suddenly stop saving files after a theme update. 
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