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SHOP SLIDER showing sold-out items

How to make the shop slider not show sold out items. I already selected HIDE OUT OF STOCK items from woocommerce.


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  • It is not an option that I am looking for. I want my items that have been sold, NOT TO SHOW in the online shop. How do you do that?
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  • Thank you. This is something you should really consider doing. 
    This is the very first theme where I found such issue.
    I have been developing this website using BE, because it is one of the themes that have been available for the longest time, and I really thought this choosing BE would be an advantage over other themes. Currently the customer use another VERY popular theme, but newer than BE. I honestly thought BE would be a better option. I have actually have already transferred the WHOLE website into to BE, and am about 90% done. I really didn't want to start over again with a different theme, coding would really not be an option here. That's why the customer is going away from the current theme. Too many things to iron out. I might have to find a different option or theme.
    Any plans to 'fixing' this?

    One more question if you would please, which is the second thing I am having issues with:

    For the portfolio listing, I am using masonry hover details. I am trying to have the feature image show in a 4 column of square images. Some pictures will not show as squares. I have already  set under the FEATURE IMAGE options for BLOG & PORTFOLIO, width and height the same, and chose resize & crop. I have also regenerated thumbnails, but it did not change. Blog posts now show fine,but not the portfolio. 
    What should I do?
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  • Yes, I set them to 500x500 and all the original images are at least that size.

    In this, you will see one ring that the image is throwing off the others towards the bottom...

    And here you will see it more obvious:

    On the blog list, it looks fine. Just the portfolio I am having issues with...

    Thank you!
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  • In the configuration, I set them to 500x500 and regenerated the thumbnails.  Let me attach a screenshot.

    Before that, I also tried 960x960, also no luck.

    See it here:

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  • Sent it. Thanks
  • Any News Yet?
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  • No, no emails.
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  • Thank you.
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  • :( awwwhhhh... hopefully that will change in the future... (PLEASE??)

    Unfortunately the grid option does not offer a way to show the link to the portfolio page and at the same time, a way to see the picture larger, which is the goal. The owner wants the portfolio list aligned... so the other portfolio options are not an option at this time. They want flexibility the images they upload, too... so I am in a hard position.

    I think I will have to find a different option to display this portfolios, or start over with a new theme, which is not what I wanted, since I am basically finished with it, which would mean... starting all over again. 

    If you have an idea of what I could do, please let me know! Thank you very much!!!
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