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Slider over Menu after that manual youtube video

i do that and now my page dont open normally. It isnt work so how in minute 8.40, then i
have delete code and safe. after it was broken and write that i have do
upload that with ftp again so i have make backup with my hoster and its the same problem more? This video have do that or it is other problem? Minute 8:40


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  • ok i web designer in youtube have do that but the problem is now i see my menu is away so my slider was bigger. Where is my Menu? :(  is only white? :(
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  • Hello! It was deactivated but need longer to be updated i think? Why i was blocked before 1 hour here?

    What happened?

    The owner of this website ( has
    banned you temporarily from accessing this website.

    And where can i have the support what i have payed 20 Dollar when i have buy that betheme?


    Thanks a lot for your help!

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  • Ok? I dont do to many requests i have write only here but ok -.- We will see -.-
    It have block me again only when i will activate it. -.-
    I will create multisite and when i was step 3 and dont found the /home/u387511083/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php  wich is written in wordpress to update the code on step 3 so i was looking and see my website was destroyed and the backups from dont help more! :((

    SQL server has gone away in /home/u387511083/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1924
    Warning: mysqli_query(): Error reading result set's header in /home/u387511083/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1924

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  • edited May 23
    Ok, now my site works but only the options dont open. See please
    The Menu is there but the submenu is dont open? I have link all correct and it was working all normally. My hoster make now 3 backups to 19.05. and it is broken more. I have disable the plugins, too.

    My Hoster answer now after send him your support: I don't believe this is an issue with the theme rather than the plugins or configuration

    I have deactivate all plugins now, too. But the submenus from all dont open more?

    Did i must delete the betheme now more?

    Best Regards and thanks for your help!
  • edited May 23
    Aaah, i think i know that!?!?

    i know that when the plugin fastest cache is activated then all
    saved in the browser so when iam change ever in the theme then the
    browser dont know the logic and shows the menu more. I dont work in the
    submenu since days and it was the same all days long to make some
    updates then the error was to see!?!?
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  • edited May 24
    Ok, 1 was the cache plugin and second was WoCommerce where block the theme.

    After that WB Bakery have now the problem. Only the Tabs are to see but not the texts. And the second is the submenu dont open more. And there is written: Please activate your copy of WPBakery Page Builder.
    But i think its included with the Betheme?  Please help to solve this 2 things.

    My hoster have fix the ressources problem after make so muck backups and the problems now is with WPBakery and that the Submenus dont open. :(

    Here is the Info from my Hoster - Hostinger:
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  • edited May 25
    thats the same page what i have send more times in the comments before -->
    After install new the theme works normally!  :D

    Can i deactivate that anoying report to activate WPbakery Premium?
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