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Theme not fitting some mobiles

Hi Muffingroup, I've just completed this website recently but I am having some issues with the website fitting certain mobile platforms. I don't tend to use the responsive option when designing sites, as it sometimes doesn't fit correctly, so I prefer to have the design look the same as it does on the computer browser.

On tablets and larger phones, the website fits as I expected, but when I go onto very popular phones such as the iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4, the website is almost like it is zoomed in, not fitting the screen. I am forced to pinch the screen and make the website fit the screen for each page. 

Can you let me know how I can fix this issue. I have looked through the forums but couldn't see anyone with this issue.

I have attached some screenshots to show the problem:




  • PS. I am on the latest version of the theme and only have a small amount of custom css loaded. 
  • Hi,

    as we see, responsive mode is off for your website. Please go to Theme options > Getting started > General section to activate responsive.

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    Hi muffingroup, thanks for the reply, although as I mentioned above, I have purposely left Responsive mode off, as I don't want the website to have the responsive mobile layout. I want it to display the same as it does on a computer/tablet browser (with the traditional menu tab layout and logo centered).

    It's almost like its not fitting to the edge of the screen correctly. More commonly the taller/slimmer resolutions on the latest iPhones and Samsungs. 

    Here is a sample of how it looks like on another phone.


  • So if you don't want to use responsive mode, then it is not possible to do what you need. This will be possible only within responsive mode.

    Thanks for understanding!
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