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Muffin options not saving

Hi I am running the latest version of BeTheme on a wordpress installation hosted on Amazon Lightsail. I am unable to save any changes in the theme options (I can create pages and posts etc. but I can't save settings. According to the System Status my resource limits are well over what has been recommended. At first I thought it may be related to max vars but I've set this at 50000. 

Are there any non-standard php modules that need to be active for settings to save? We can customise the server specs as required so it would be great to get a working config. Without it the theme is useless to us I'm afraid.

I can provide you with phpinfo, just give me an email address to send to and I will do so. thanks


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  • I've sent a link to my phpinfo on themeforest as requested. It's quite strange, there is no error or time out, it's as though the button is just unresponsive when clicked.

  • Hi there, just wondering if youve had a chance to look into this? Theres a few theme options we want active on our site header that we cant action until we can save settings. Any ideas? Thanks
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  • ok I've created a user for you and sent you credentials via the form on themeforest. It is possible that permissions or ownership may need to be adjusted - if this is the case please let me know what you recommend and I can do this on the command line (I'd rather not pass around SSH access keys). Currently all folders are owned and writable by the server so it really shouldn't be a problem.

    You already have the URL for my phpinfo so if this has gone missing let me know and I can resupply.

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  • OK, I made sure to overwrite (not replace) all files when I updated the theme so it seems unlikely that removing and installing again will fix it. Nonetheless I'll see if removing and installing from scratch solves the problem and let you know.
  • Quick question: I just checked my logs and you guys haven't logged into the backend with the user I created for you. Have I just been given a canned response to remove and reinstall the theme or do you guys know something I don't?
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  • Hi there, I've deleted the theme entirely and re-uploaded through the wordpress theme uploader and the same problem exists. When I try and save theme options I get the following console error:

    An invalid form control with name='betheme[blog-related-columns]' is not focusable.

    Looks js related to me. Any ideas?
  • As a temporary fix I've hand edited the theme options in the database to show the features I need. Obviously this won't be OK going forward so would you be able to let me know what you need to find out the root cause? My hosting is fine, this problem has only ever occurred with betheme.
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  • Hi Bryan,

    I havent edited it before - all I've done in this instance is change the flag for the search function from "0" (off) to "1" (on) because the fix suggested to me doesn't work and we really can't wait weeks to get a suitable response. It all still works as expected but betheme appears unable to write to the database so the theme options are worthless to us. Quite a shame.  I'd suggest you "pick and stick" with one of the formats that betheme stores DB values as I'm sure the serialised (or not) methods you allow users to choose are the cause of these types of issues.

    Ive noticed quite a lot of your support suggestions for others involve recreating the website elsewhere in the hope that it sorts out the issue. I'm not sure this qualifies as great support - I'd consider it more of a nuclear option to attempt as a last resort.

    Thanks for your help, I'll sort this out myself by the look of it.
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