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Content mixing and slow fade in

edited March 18 in Muffin Builder

I have recently updated to the current theme version. Things were going ok for a few hours, until all of a sudden:

1) Trailer box images started mixing with the section below.

2) Trailer boxes heights are not the same even though I have selected the item same height option in the section. 

3) Text in columns (1/2 width, here) started going off limits.

4) Fade-in animations take too much time to play, on page load

I have tried deleting cache, or deactivating plugins, but to no result. Also re-installed the theme.

Thanks in advance.

PS how do I insert inline images in this post?


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  • edited March 18
    Hello, thanks for your reply.

    1, 2) There you go.
    (forgot to write that in the original post but see how Trailer box Slogan and Title are misplaced too.)

    3) Ok

    4) No I mean the Item Fade In effect. Sometimes it works but usually (after a couple of refreshes and on?) it takes about 7 seconds.
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  • edited March 19
    I have tried deactivating plugins, deleting cache, reinstalling the theme without any result in any issue.

    I dont know if it's important but I have mainly worked in a previous version of the theme (17.8.6) and only recently started working on the current version. I updated because I had other issues (not saving on updates). And with the current version it worked ok for a few hours before these issues started to happen.

    1) The main issue is the trailer box mix with the section below. Moreover please notice how the trailer slogan and title are above the trailer image, whereas they should be inside, on the lower part. The trailer box image itself is mixed with the section below. See

    2) I have set Equal Height | items in wrap only  . Issue still remains. How do I align the proper height?

    4) I was satisfied with item fade-in speed, until this issue appeared. Try refreshing the page a few times, then the fade-in of the items takes even about 10 seconds. Even with cache delete, it goes to that much time.

    My browser is Chromium Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build), running on LinuxMint 18.2 (64-bit). But it's the same in other browsers and OS's.
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