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PHP increase not reflecting in WP


Some I'm STILL having the same issue that most are having; new content that is added to muffin builder on the back-end do not reflect on the front end. As a result the page is truncated.

I have taken all the suggested trouble shooting steps. 

1. WP is up to date

2. BeTheme is up to date

3. Cache has been cleared and plugins disabled

4. The PHP and time limit & max vars have been increased to the recommended values of 180 and 5000, respectively.
     ---- My hosting provider has definitely made the increase because it shows on my phpinfo page and in the php.ini file. However in the WP server environment that betheme reports, it still shows 30 and 1000, respectively. My hosting provider has done their part, but the issue persists.

All screenshots are are linked in the text. Please help.


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  • Hi Pablo,

    I have contacted host gator and here is what they said: 

    He also said there is no such thing as changing max vars globally because it will affect all the sites on the server.

    I have been back and forth btw you two companies for over 4 months now with no solution. At this point, I am very frustrated and disheartened, because I am taking all the recommended steps with still no resolve. And my site is not working because my content is not loading and I am losing visitors. All my hard work is wasting.

    Also, for anyone else that uses host gator and was facing this same problem, can you please advise me on any additional steps you took to solve it?


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  • Hi and thanks for your response. No hosting provider is going to increase php values on a shared server, so switching providers is not a solution. And since everyone's hands were tied I decided to take matters into my own hands...

    After a quick google search, I found that the solution is for the user to create a new .ini file in their c-panel. The full steps can be found here and in this video tutorial. Its very easy to do and my php is increased and the site presenting my content properly! The nightmare is over, Yay!

    Hope this helps everyone else with this issue...

  • wow support team really need to be better than tackling this issue since most of us are suffering because of it and getting the run around from hosting providers and betheme support. I've got the same issue it seems and after doing exactly what Asanwa88 has done initially and finding out about GLOBAL vs LOCAL (which is the missing piece of info that nobody has informed me about ) - will try speak to my hosting provider but i am sure they wont be able to change it global coz im also on a shared server...  plz god i hope those links you provided work! it's the only chance to save the site now! but godamm you guys need to be better at tackling the same issues that come up over and over again... u guys give the same answer to them all but nobody actually confirms that it was fixed at the end of the day! Switching hosting providers is not good advice considering you will just run into the same issues again. Imagine if one of us were to go through all that trouble and end up in the same shitty place... and i don't know how these hosting providers can have their limits set so low that this is happening to a bunch of their clients websites... it really means there is a limit to every page anyone is trying to build right off the bat! Feels like they should really say something like... BUILD ANY KIND OF PAGE YOU WANT ( BUT THERES ACTUALLY A LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF ELEMENTS COZ OF OUR DUMB PHP VARS SETTINGS BUT WE WONT TELL YOU ABOUT IT!!! )

    Ridonkulous.... thanks Asanwa! and Sort this shit out Pablo! here's the link to my post in which both hosting provider and theme support are pointing fingers at each other and im still stuck with the same issue ...

    its like nobody has a bluddy clue what the hell is going on. And that is just ridiculous. Especially considering i'm just building a standard brochure site using a popular tested theme hosted on a super popular WordPress hosting provider (bluehost)... For a product claiming that anybody can easily build a website... its been doing my head in and im actually web designer ( designer not developer ). Assuming lots of people are a standard user like me buying a theme, installing on a popular 1 click install hosting provider.. and then building the site... it's crazy to think this problem still exists or exists at all!!
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