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Table of Contents

I would like to use table of contents for each of my posts. I am used to using plugin called Easy table of contents but that does not seem to work well with Muffin Builder.

I know that I can click on 'Builder SEO' if I use Muffin Builder for my posts but that is not working for me due to two reasons:

1) The formatiing from Muffing builder is never correctly transferred to the block builder. Would have manually add all the headings etc which can be a lot of work.

2) Tell me if I am wrong, but I don't think using 'Builder SEO' is SEO friendly. Basically each post/page has the same content twice. If I click on hide content, the content hides from the front end but it is still present in the backend and search engines see the hidden content.

Do you please know any table of contents plugin which works with Muffin Builder? I want to use plugin as it has the schema coding in it. If I add the table of contents using html and not plugin, I will not have the schema set up.


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