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Closing menu (hamburger) does not reset the background size back

Hi all. Trying to be clear, so this is the problem:

1. I open the hamburger menu, and the menu opens to the right side fine.
2. As I open it, it pushes the background and content to the left. All fine.
3. When I close the menu, the background should reset back to it's original size, but it does not. It stays squished and moves to right, leaving a gap to the left edge.

See images. 1. is before I open the menu. 2. is after closing it.

This actually effects multiple sites I have with BeTheme, and the one I just started to develop. NOTE: The background here is Revolution Slider, with full-width or full-screen. I don't see this effecting content itself. So, this is either Rev Slider or BeTheme hamburger menu problem. And I have now tested this with multiple sites with BeTheme + Rev Slider, and every site has this issue. Version info: Rev Slider 6 + Latest BeTheme.

- Larry


  • Small update: Tested with latest Firefox and Chrome, same with both.
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  • wow, the level of support...

    How about you say: Hi, thanks for contacting us. We will look into this, as we have ways of duplicating the issue, and will let you know what we find.

    That would'we been too hard? I guess, as it usually do, when sales go up and to the level where money just comes in, the customer support goes down the drain. You just earned yourself 1-star rating and lost a customer who buys themes every week.

  • Delete my profile, thanks.
  • Wow, Incredible, they are asking for the link to give you a specific help of the subject you use and the solution for this and do you react like this?
    I am not of Support Team, I am one more user but there are many users and it is not easy to give immediate solution to everyone in a single message and more if you do not attach the site url. A little patience and collaboration man!
  • Not posting my customer's links on any forums. You do what you want, but that's not what I do. I only have 3 BeThemes so far, so this is no biggie, but as a paying customer, I expect certain level of support, and if it is not there, then I move along. No biggie really, I can live without this crap easily. The product is very good, cs is not.
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