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Visual Editor/Woo Shortcode

So I'm having a problem with a woocommerce shortcode within a visual editor block.  I have a single product that is inserted into the visual editor block via shortcode, and it is being squashed down into what looks like a third of the block.  I cant figure out how to get around that and have the product fill the entire block.  

Here is a link for reference (it is the syringe kit, next to the "false error" section of the page


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  • When I expanded the size of the container, the same thing happened.  It's like it wants to split that container content into 3rds.  The size of the image got bigger, but the total width of the product within the container was only about 1/3 the actual size of the available space in the container. \

    Is it possible it's in the css?  I have not altered any css at all. 
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  • That is frustrating.  When I add the image, and then some text, it displays fine.  It's only when I attempt to add an "add-to-cart" button that the layout gets squeezed.  

    I can put 2 words in the description and it still crunches the size down to 1/3 of the available visual editor space. 
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  • I don't think we are communicating effectively here.  No matter the size or width that I make the element, it gets squeezed into 1/3 of the available space - no matter how big the container is.  no matter how big the element is.  The content (add to cart) get's squeezed into 1/3 - like it's an auto format or something.  
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  • I found where the problem is!

    Here you can see on the front end  (look at the syringe kit, and you will see its compressed into 1/3 of the available space in the container).

    I treid to attach 2 images to show a before and after, but this browser wont let me add it.  If you right click on the syringe kit and inspect the code,  you'll see the css is limiting the woocommerce product list to 31.3%.  I've altered the code in the inspect window to 100% and it gets my desired result.  

    I just don't know how to do that as a site wide fix. 

    Can you please help me with that?  Is it something I'm doing wrong?  It has an important tag after the 31.3%.  
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