Using Yoast with BeTheme creates two metadescriptions and "Just another..." doesn't get overwritten


I have found a glitch with an incompatibility between Yoast and Betheme.

Firstly, Betheme, despite changing the site's tagline, does not erase "Just another Wordpress site" from pages when they are generated. If I leave the Betheme Meta description blank, by default "Just another..." is written into the page or posts meta description when it is published.

If I use the Yoast plugin, then that does not overwrite the "Just Another..." but creates a duplicate.


TitleFog | Ivor Rackham PhotographyMeta Description#1Just another WordPress site#2Fog brings some fantastic opportunities for photography. Enjoy this gallery of photos shot on misty, moist mornings in Northumberland.
I have searched  the site's database for "Just another..." but it doesn't seem to be there. Is it somewhere in the site's WordPress file structure where I can delete it manually.

I have also asked a similar question on the Yoast support site.




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