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Error message after updating to BeThemes 21.8.9

Why do I get this error message after installing your new BeThemes 21.8.9?

An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 247 of the file /mnt/web007/c2/29/5827629/htdocs/engenhorst-gmbh/wp-content/themes/engenhorst-gmbh/muffin-options/options.php. Error message: require_once (): Failed opening required '/ mnt / web007 / c2 / 29/5827629 / htdocs / ENGENHORST-gmbh / wp-content / themes / ENGINEHORST-gmbh / muffin-options / fields / class-mfn-options-field .php '(include_path ='.: / opt / RZphp74 / includes')

I deactivated all plugins before installing!

My versions:
WordPress 5.5.1
Betheme (version 21.8.9)
Current plugin: (Version)
PHP 7.4.10


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