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  • Hello,

    There is option in BeTheme like that, but only for the blog, portfolio and image item, which is using the one of the preset "sizes"

    You can declare the size of the images in the Settings -> Media -> Image Sizes, they will be resized while upload.

    For Blog and Portfolio, you can change these sizes in Theme Options -> Blog, Portfolio & Shop -> Featured Image, they will be changed on upload as well.

    Remember, if you want to have this change on existing images, you have to Force Regenerate your images using plugin, from Install Plugins tab of BeTheme.


  • Excellent , Is those size for featured image and intro header?

    Thank you

  • edited June 2021

    The Intro Header uses the original uploaded image, so this option won't work in that case.

    You would have to edit the theme files to change this type of behavior, which is not supported by us.


  • Hi

    I change the settings to these :

    But still have problem with new images that used in blog post , I mean I get the error of gtmetrix : properly-size-images

    All images was minify with save for web in photoshop and after that with tinypng website , but the problem is still there.

  • Sorry, but it looks like we are going in circles, because there is no other solutions or tips, without these I provided you earlier.

    We pass the requirements which is mentioned by GTMetrix team, by attaching the srcset functionality, straight from the WordPress API:

    The issue you mention is not related to the theme itself, but the images and resolution that you use.


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