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Contact number active for mobile

How to add hyperlink for this phone number so that on mobile version the viewer can click on number and make a call? I was trying to add

I added <h3 class="themecolor" style="font-size:40px" href="tel:+37129360960">+371 2 936 09 60</h3>

How to integrate <a> element correctly?


  • Hello,

    Please, try the following instead:

    <a href="tel:+37129360960"><h3 class="themecolor" style="font-size:40px">+371 2 936 09 60</h3></a>


  • yes, this worked, thank you. Another issue with the same area I have is on mobile it collapses like in the picture attached. How to fix this issue?

  • This number has a font-size set with inline CSS.

    You can add a class to this h3 tag, decrease its font size and increase line height for mobile display with the following CSS code:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
          font-size: 30px;
          line-height: 30px;


  • thank you. How to make text on the red button smaller? on mobile vers

    ion they are huge now compared to phone number

  • Ok, I know how to do that, but please precise how to change size for button text and to which size for this text?

    [button title="SŪTĪT ZIŅU" link="" color="#C81624" font_color="#fff" size="1" size="2" class=".numurs"]

    Here I see size 1 and size 2. Not sure what it means and how to make it smaller. In setting there are no tab/field for text size.

  • Sizes for buttons are 1-4, where 1 stands for the smallest one, and 4 stands for the largest one.

    However, if you want to change the font size only, without changing the button size, you can add a class for your shortcode and write CSS for it.

    Remember that only classes in the Custom CSS field have dots at the beginning.


  • I tried as you recommended (duplicated contact us section and made one visible for mobile only and the other - for tablet and desktor) however text font site is not changing for mobile version after creating a class and adding custom css. I also just discovered that when I add Custom CSS to this page as you suggested and when I close it and reopen again - CSS code disappears. It again shows blanc field even though I saved changes I made

  • I had noticed a similar issue when I was adding your website content to the WP editor.

    Some resources have to be blocked by your server because I have copied your entire home page to my environment, and I did not have the problems you mentioned.

    It is also not a plugin-related issue because you are using only supported ones, and I had the same package.

    Please, contact your hosting provider and ask about this problem, and say that this problem makes your website not fully functional.


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