New BeBuilder no refresh in backend

After several conversations with you about other things, you recommended me to use the new BeBuilder.

Now when using it, it's fine, but there are certain previews that don't show up correctly: wrap centering, margins, padding, colors...

Attached capture of bakend and frontend

The only option I have to see what I am really modifying is to save and refresh in the front (a bit tedious, to be honest, since there is a great preview but it doesn't work correctly).



  • Hi,

    There can be an issue with mixed content on your website.

    Please, head to the link below, follow the tips from there and check if this problem still appears.


  • You have not understood me...

    It's totally the opposite... On the front it looks good (the styles I made on the backend are applied) but on the preview of the Back, no.

    i don't have errors of mixed or similar in console of front or bakck.


  • Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • If you really need it, I'll send it to you, but you have to think that if there is a problem when it comes to displaying the styles in the backend but you leave and re-enter the backend of the page, then it looks perfect.

    I don't know what difference there will be between my backend and yours so that you can test it since it doesn't happen in all styles and/or always.

    On the other hand, comment that with the BeBuilder open, I have suspended my mac. When I restarted and continued with my work, I had to exit BeBuilder because when I wanted to save changes, it didn't pay attention to me (this doesn't happen with your "normal" editor).

    Thank you.

  • This problem does not appear in my environment, so I want to check if I will be able to see that in yours.

    If there are any steps I can do to reproduce this issue, please, let me know.


  • 1) If I hide a section in the Bebuilder, it appears in the front anyway.

    If I exit BeBuilder and go to the "normal" editor, the page does not appear hidden. It is as if what is done in the BeBuilder (some options) are not applied in the front and, in turn, in the "normal" BeTheme editor options on the page.

    2) In BeBuilder, if in the background color of a section, for example, I "clear" the color, I can't go back with the "undo" button.

    3) If I set a gradient background to a section and for whatever reason I want to continue editing in the "normal" BeTheme editor, that gradient is removed and left as a flat background.

    The example would be in BeBuilder I set a gradient background; Update; I go to the "normal" editor and save. At this point the gradient has disappeared.

    Like point 1 it seems like variables don't carry over between editors (and I'm guessing it must happen with many others).

    4) I don't know when, but I have found that the deprecated variables sometimes affect the new ones and "crush" each other. Sometimes he listens to the old ones and sometimes to the new ones.

    I think that this type of thing needs to be polished because although the BeBuider is fantastic, sometimes it does not show what you set and it has bugs with the "old" editor.

    Thank you and I hope to be of help

  • I thought that you were talking about the preview only.

    1) I was able to reproduce it, and I have passed this to the dev team.

    2, 3) This behavior is not present in my environment; I need to check it on your website. However, we didn't get any message from you yet.

    Please check your mail inbox for our response. Look also inside the spam folder.

    If you don't have any message from us, please send your login credentials again.

    Be sure that you sent all of the required information mentioned in the previous message.

    • link to this forum discussion
    • link to your website
    • login credentials

    4) Can you precisely what elements with which settings behave like that?


  • There are several problems, in addition to the preview.

    I don't know if it has something to do with all these errors as a whole.

    I have already sent the data.

    You can do tests on the page "copy home".


  • edited April 2022

    I'd like to report another editor bug I just found:

    In the contact section I had a gradient background made with BeBuilder. When entering the "normal" editor of BeTheme I have placed an ID in the FAQ section. When saving the gradient background of the contact party has disappeared.

    Apparently there are two big problems:

    1) If when editing with BeBuilder there are some styles in the "deprecated" section, sometimes they are not shown in the editor preview.

    2) if styles are placed from BeBuilder, and for whatever reason, you want to continue editing from the normal editor, the styles are not linked and are removed.

  • Yet another problem with BeBuilder:

    The FAQ display options are reversed.

    I think the title of this ticket should be changed to something like "BeBuilder problems and "normal" editor"

  • edited April 2022

    Another problem:

    You cannot delete a class in BeBuilder by clicking on it (nor by refreshing in BeBuilder).

    It does work if I delete it by putting the cursor like I want to write a new class but delete instead. In that case if the class is removed. Clicking on the "cross" no.

  • edited April 2022

    Another problem with BeBuilder & Tabs:

    The content edition of the Tabs is displayed in the preview but not in the front once it has been saved.

    In addition, when introducing a new "tab", then it does show what I have placed in the first one, but in the third it does not show what I have written. All very rare.

  • Another problem:

    The same thing happens with the faqs in the tabs: I edit a faq, the change is seen in the preview of BeBuilder but not in the front (I have tried this in all browsers and the same thing happens).

  • 1) The issues with gradient, tabs, accordion, and FAQ will be resolved in the next update, which we will release tomorrow if we do not encounter any problems meanwhile.

    2) I have set the section background, cleared it, and undo option worked. I have uploaded a video to your WP media, so you can check that.

    3) I have passed information about removing classes from the deprecated tab to the dev team, so it should be resolved in this or the next update.

    4) The deprecated setting needs a page reload when you modify something in them. You can read more about the Deprecated option under the following link:

    Best regards

  • Great news.

    We wait for this update to see how it works :)

    I'll look at the video and try to reproduce it exactly, to see if we find what.

    On the other hand, we had other bugs that you told me that you would pass on to the development department (for example the bug of April 15 that it hid a section and did not really do it).

    I don't know if this and all those commented on in this ticket are also contemplated, since in point 1 of your message today you don't tell me anything about it.


  • Sorry, for not mentioning that. The hiding section will work in the upcoming update as well.

    Best regards

  • Thank you very much for the update.

    Almost everything you told me would be in this update has been fixed.

    Do you know when the next update will be available to finish fixing the problems mentioned in this ticket?

    Thank you!

  • We usually release updates every two weeks.

    However, would you be so kind as to tell me what was not fixed in the recent update, please?

    Thanks to that I will be sure that I did not miss anything.


  • For example:

    • About the FAQ (accordion - toggle). The action is still inverted.
    • I don't know if it has been fixed that if I put a style, for example, in a background, if I return to the "normal" editor, the variable will be saved or not. I don't remember very well if there were other variables but it would be nice if the configurations that are not obsolete if I make them in BeBuilder stay, too, in the normal BT editor.
    • It would be nice to review all the variables that are stored on both sides (although it should read from the same DB).
    • I don't know if it's fixed: "You cannot delete a class in BeBuilder by clicking on it (nor by refreshing in BeBuilder)."

    I don't know..., it would be to review the entire ticket and verify all the problems that I reported.don't know, it would be to review the entire ticket and verify all the problems that I reported, which is why they are all written and reported in this ticket.

    Thanks a lot

  • 1) Accordion and Toggle options work correctly. The accordion can open only one tab at once, and in the Toggle, you can open them all. It works in the same way in the Elementor.

    2,4) It is resolved.

    3) I am not sure what variables are you talking about. Do you mean the deprecated options?

    Best regards

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