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Color picker not show the current color & desperation of so many bugs on BeBuilder

90% of the time you want to change a set color, by default it shows you a color that is not the one it has saved.

Therefore you cannot adjust the color, but clicking selects (obviously) the color you clicked, so it is impossible to adjust the color live (I repeat: 90% of the time this happens).

Honestly guys, I've been working with BeTheme for many years but since BeBuilder came out, although it's a great idea, it has many many many bugs and I think it wasn't tested enough to put it into production.

I myself have reported more than 20 (major) bugs in 4 or 5 days and it really is frustrating not being able to work on a project when you depend 100% on something as simple as a color picker not working well. .

I repeat it is not a complaint, it is already desperation for having to look bad in front of a client for not being able to do certain things. It is true that in today's update you have improved many bugs, but...

I am contributing, and more recently, many hours of my time to be able to inform you of problems, but I do not understand how it can be that this is not thoroughly tested.

I understand that one thing is to report a small bug, a small bug... ok. Nobody is perfect.

But guys, a license was paid (between my own and those of my clients they must add up to about 400 and I have brought all of them) and sometimes I think: why do we have to make such an effort when it is really them who should have tested, in this case, the whole system before doing a GOLIVE?

I don't know, I have never received any gesture either for the contributions, or for the hours dedicated or anything.

I will continue working with you for the moment because I am anti-elementor, anti-divi, etc... but...

Anyway, I hope you can feel how I feel.


  • Hey,

    The new version of BeBuilder took over a year of hard work, and it was beta tested by hundreds of developers from all across the world. This shows our commitment to releasing a top-quality update. Please note that 10.000+ people (and counting!) have already updated to version 26. Only 0.06% had issues after the update. In all cases, the issue was related to one of the following:

    a. third-party add-ons;

    b. cache;

    c. modifications of original theme files;

    d. WordPress misconfiguration (we’ve described this in this topic).

    I can assure you, and anyone else, that version 26, which includes the BeBuilder, is an outstanding update, and the BeBuilder is better than anything else you have worked with. EVER. 🙂

    However, can you list all these 20 bugs you encounter, please? I could not count more than the ones you mentioned in these forum discussions:



    Moreover, we fixed the issue with the color picker on your website meanwhile, and the fix will be included in the next update.

    Best regards

  • The answer seems quite unusual to me.

    I have never said that the BeBuilder is not working or that there are thousands of people collaborating. The only thing I say (and it shows) is that it has not been well tested. You can't replicate this to me because since I've been using it I find bugs.

    On the other hand, instead of giving me the reason that there are many errors (not caused by caches, or WP adaptations, or anything like that -in my case-) you tell me to list all the 20 errors found these days.

    Honestly I'm not going to waste time listing them. If you want to know, I think you have the way to see it from my account. And if I keep finding more bugs we will exceed this number (although I hope not).

    And also, to tell you that I have found another bug and posted another ticket a few minutes ago: Yes. ANOTHER:


    Honestly, do you know what I would have done? Since it so happens that a person like me (who is also a Beta Tester) has encountered so many problems, instead of thinking and talking to those responsible that you may be interested in having a person like me, the opposite has been done: you have asked me I list the problems I have encountered.

    I don't want to drag this out any longer. I suppose we have different points of view at the business level.

    Thanks for fixing the colorpicker bug. We look forward to the update. 🤞

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