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Fixed Subheader on responsive

In responsive.css exist a

@media only screen and (max-width: 959px)

.section {background-attachment: scroll!important;}

For the sections perfect.

But in subheader with parallax the image disapear.

It should be included in the same css for the #Subheader:


.section {background-attachment: scroll!important;}

So I have it provisionally placed in my custom css and great. 😎


  • Actually the max width should be up to 1239px (well, you will calculate that with the variable that the user has put so that it disappears in the responsive menu. In my case 1239).

    In the end, I have left it like this and perfect (in my general custom css):

    @media only screen and (max-width:1239px){

    #Subheader{background-attachment: scroll!important;}


  • Hello,

    I'm not sure what I can help you with, as I see you solved your problem.

    Is there anything else?


  • Well, more than anything the information is so that you have this in a future update since it is something that you do in the sections but not in the subheader.

    The idea of this topic is to help the community.

    So more than it helps "me" it helps "you" by reporting this type of particularity.

    Likewise, the same thing happened in topic, where the "top" was not correct and I had to make a "temporary patch" to solve it while waiting for you to solve it (which is not yet or I have not seen it in the changelogs) .

    If you prefer that these problems or improvements not be reported even though the community has solved them, and contributes how to solve it so that everyone benefits, please let me know so as not to report or help, any more, neither to you nor to community.

  • We keep the topics with modifications that you and other customers did, thats great because other users can easily find ready solutions.

    When we find a new idea for feature, we always look at the list of customer modifications, so feel free to post them.

    Also, if some fix or upgrade is made (or requested) by user, we always list it in changelog by adding the link from forum.


  • Hi Pablo,

    Yes, it is very good to have ideas, but this topic is not an idea.

    I am giving a solution to a problem that you have and I don't think that the community should search the forum to find the solution, but treat it as a bug and fix it so that everyone benefits.

    well, I see it that way. I don't know what your bug policy is like.

    I have left the solution.

    If you want to implement it for the rest of the community, you will know.

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