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in green, I point out the problem I have with the title, on the right I superimposed an image with what I did when editing that column text, in style in the color option, I put the color that I want to give to the title, but as you can see in the page is not displayed like this.

secondly, in the green box, you can see that the 4 characteristics are not aligned, I ask you how I can do so that they are aligned.


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  • I just sent the access link to the site

  • 1) You used the H4 tag inside Column Text. H4 has its own styles you set in the Theme options, and there is information in the Column Text element that colors may be overwritten for some tags.

    I suggest using the Heading element instead.

    2) In the Wrap options, you have Vertical alignment set to center. Please, change it to Top.

    Best regards

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