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some bags and need help)



  • edited May 1

    Hi dear

    There are some difference in design and work logic between pre-build website which I bought and my website canvas-off section.

    These are pre-build version


    My website (differences-buttons, button's hover, price section, reset button, work logic)


    I have asked about it and your answer was -

    "What you showed in your screenshots is a WooCommerce widget on which we do not have influence. Probably last WooCommerce updates changed it."

    I have asked about it to woocommerce support and they told me that they don't control the design.

    Tell me please how can I get design from pre-build website which I bought?

  • You can use the following CSS code:

     --range-color: #bb5644!important;
     justify-content: flex-start!important;

    That is the only thing I can change with CSS. The rest is widget layout hardcoded by WooCommerce on what we do not have influence.

    Best regards

  • edited May 1

    I understood but CSS code changed only buttons placement from right to left.

    1-The buttons hover doesn't work correctly.

    2- Buttons are different size

    3- I have changed PRICE RANGE SELECTOR from Editable to Text and it's OK

  • FYI in CSS, you copied one dash is missing.

    1) The only thing I noticed how it differs from buttons on your website is the border missing which you can add with this code:

    .wp-block-woocommerce-price-filter button{
     border: 1px solid #bb5644;


     padding: 15px 30px!important;

    Best regards

  • Great!


  • Hi, after updating Betheme some buttons disappeared from wishlist next to the products.



  • Tell me please if it was chosen one of filters it's become marked, how to make category mark?

  • 1) We are aware of this problem, and we are investigating the root of this problem.

    It should be resolved in the upcoming update. Sorry for the obstacles.

    2) There is no option to highlight the current category. This WooCommerce widget does not have such functionality.

    Best regards

  • 1) Don't forget please about that button's hover styles!

  • We will rewrite the buttons, and all the problems with WooCommerce problems will be corrected.

    Best regards

  • Hi. After updating theme there are some bugs in product page.

    1. with product pictures, thumbnails arrangement under main picture
    2. with choosing product color, it doesn't change picture like before updating

  • Please send us your WP dashboard and FTP access, and we will check that.

    It has been a while since you last sent them, and I could not find them.

    Remember to attach a link to this topic.


  • I sent all data.

    Thanks you too!

  • We have corrected it on your website.

    Please check it out.

    We will also add this fix in the upcoming update.

    Best regards

  • Ok


  • Hi

    Every time after update somthing doesn't work)

    This time doesn't work product list count.

    It doesn't change account of products

  • Sorry for the trouble. We already corrected it on your website, please check it out.

    Best regards

  • Thanks

    Tell me please when will be corrected button's hover styles on wishlist and cart pages?

  • It is a complicated process because there are many dependencies with buttons.

    Unfortunately, I cannot tell you when exactly they will be rewritten.

    Please let me know if you need a specific behavior on specific page/s, and I will prepare a CSS for that.

    Best regards

  • Not yet

    Thanks too much!

  • Hello.

    Remind please in product page how to activate product image scroll on/off?

  • Do you mean sticky wrap? Please see the following video tutorial:


    Best regards

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