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Need assistance with a few areas

Most Important is the fact that I love your design and its one of the most user-friendly systems available. Am planning on getting another copy and using it for one of my other websites. I do have a few things I need assistance with, Please !

1st - I placed grayscale on my website on hover; I need it on most areas. Unfortunately, it works on the areas I dont need it and not on those I need. I need it on the shop page and single products page. Obviously, I dont need it on my logo, and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2nd - On the very bottom, I watch videos and saw how to change the copyright (Copyright & Social Bar) .. simple - thank you.

However on that same section it has - Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, and Cookies.. with zero information how to remove them or to add the proper links to them.. Please assist. I spent 45 minutes checking online before requesting your assistance. I can click Default, Center, or Hide.. Hiding hides these 3 but that is useless since I want to show them, but I need a way to edit them. - Thank you!

3rd - I very much would like my social media to show up. I entered the links on the right page. They dont show up on any pages and within any sections. How can I fix that. Also, it says you can ADD a CUSTOM logo.. but all I see if the ability to select logos you entered. My graphic designer produced custom logos for me and I prefer to use them. - Can assist -- Thank you!

4th - there is a backend option to remove all ADD to CART buttons.. but what I need is a way to get remove the 2nd "variation button" that shows up to them show 2 buttons on the same image which doesnt make sense. How can I remove the "choose an option" button that shows up and isnt necessary? Thank you

5th - on my single product page -- when a customer picks one of the variations "size - large or medium", once they pick one, the system locks and doesnt allow them to change their mind and pick the different size without refreshing the page and starting over? How can that be fixed?

6th - my contact links show an error and wont allow me to enter [your-email] into the coding, though that is what is needed. I enter them and still the same error. How can that be fixed?

I appreciate all your time and assistance!



  • Hi,

    We are very happy to see that our theme suits you. 😉

    However, to provide appropriate support, please always attach a link to your website so we can check it out. Thanks to that, I will not make blind guesses about how you should handle your questions. If the page is offline(localhost), then our help will be limited. Also, please ensure the page is not under maintenance before you provide us with the link.

    Also, attaching a screenshot showing what you refer to is a good idea.


  • Thank you for your response.

    My website is www.ColorVelvet-usa.com (the parent company in Italy is www.Colorvelvet.com -- I am the new distributor for North America)

    The items we sell are actually a picture with black velvet lines that allows the customer to color the items themselves, which is why showing the items on the product page in color and grayscale is most important and necessary.

    Here are screenshots for each item listed.

    THank you for your HELP!!!

  • 1) I can see that you used custom CSS for grayscale. If you want to use it for product images, you need to extend the CSS path like this:

    .woocommerce .products .product .image_wrapper:hover img{
     filter: grayscale(100%);

    2) It is a Social Menu Bottom, and you can find, edit, and remove it in Appearance -> Menus.

    3) Social icons appear in the Action Bar and/or in the Footer (if you do not have Social Menu Bottom assigned). You can activate Action Bar in Betheme -> Theme options -> Menu & Action Bar -> Action Bar.

    4) Go to Products -> Attributes, choose your attribute, and uncheck the option Show in loop.

    5) Please send us WordPress and FTP dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at http://themeforest.net/user/muffingroup#contact, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you are sending is complete and correct.

    6) Contact Form 7 is not our plugin, and it is hard for me to determine what could be wrong. It would be best if checked their official support.



  • I sent login data on the contact form you requested. Only 1 issue as fixed with those instructions, so its probably easier with you having access.

    1 - New and MAJOR issue that was not there yesterday. My home page is not showing up correctly on Chrome or FireFox. The page on Betheme is correct, it shows correctly on "private" on Edge browser. I check the home page each day and after I make all changes. This doesnt make sense. (attachments called - Major Issue)

    2nd issue - yes, the grayscale is now on the products - which we needed but it doesnt show up on the products when a customer clicks the actual product to purchase. How can we get that to work?

    3rd - On the very bottom, where it says -- Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, and Cookies.. I see no where to edit these items. Where is the cookies page to edit it? How can I change the link so that they go to the correct page? I dont want it to disappear. I need to be able to actually edit that section and add the correct links then edit the pages. (Attachment - issue 3a)

    4 - I tried what you recommended for social media and no matter where I click on them in that section, they do not show up within any part of my website. I do want them to show up, so I need to know how to make that happen. As you see from backend. I entered in links, and clicked what you recommended. (even unclicked it and clicked on the next button to show on the bottom -- didnt work)

    5 - The variation fix you recommended didnt work. As you see from the image (attached 5a) it addes an additional choose an option button which ruins the alignment of the page and images, looks unprofessional, but mainly its not needed since the Select Option below it does the same thing. I would like that removed.. please let me know how to do this.

    6 - on my single product page -- when a customer picks one of the variations "size - large or medium", once they pick one, the system locks and doesnt allow them to change their mind and pick the different size without refreshing the page and starting over? How can that be fixed? (Attachment 6a)

    Thank you for these fixes and assistance!

  • 1) Please clear your browser cache, and check if the problem persists.

    2) Extend your CSS code to this:

    .single-product div.product div.images img:hover,
    .woocommerce .products .product .image_wrapper:hover img{
     filter: grayscale(100%);

    3) There are regular pages that can be edited through the Pages tab.

    4) You also have the social menu top active, which replaces social icons in the Action bar. If you want to display social icons, you need to remove the social menu top or uncheck to display it in this location.

    5) Did you uncheck this option? It should be inactive.

    6) I am waiting for your dashboard access from a person who manages the mailbox. When I will get it I will let you know about this problem

  • Please check my site when you have the backend password I provided.

    The social media icons still don't show up, some help would be great on that part.

    Thank you for the coding for the products page to grayscale, that works.

    Thank you for all of your assistance. I'm buying the theme again in a few minutes for a different website.

  • I tried to log in, but it will not let me pass through the login screen. However, it shows no error message if the password or username is incorrect.

    Are you sure that these credentials are correct?

    Please send them again through a contact form, and remember to attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Best regard

  • I sent the login information again. Please let me know if it doesnt work. I fixed most of the other issues.

    The 3 issues --

    1st - The social icons are still not showing up on any of the pages.

    2nd - When you add a variable item with more than 1 price it adds a 2nd button which does exactly what the main "select options" button. All that 2nd button does is look bad and makes the page look unprofessional. I need that 2nd button to now appear. - Please

    3rd - on my single product page -- when a customer picks one of the variations "size - large or medium", once they pick one, the system locks and doesnt allow them to change their mind and pick the different size without refreshing the page and starting over? How can that be fixed? 

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • The new ones do not work either.

    Did you check them before sending your message?

    Best regards

  • Yes, and tried them before sending them and it worked.

    I'll send new ones now, but not sure the issue.

  • Sorry, but we didn't get any message from you yet.

    Please check your mail inbox for our response. Look also inside the spam folder.

    If you don't have any message from us, please send your login credentials again.

    Ensure you send all the required information mentioned in the previous message.

    • link to this forum discussion
    • link to your website
    • login credentials


  • social media is not showing up on any pages.

    AND need the variation option removed. I only want to the ADD TO CART button to show up so its its a cleaning presentation.

  • I "received" notification that you sent me a message to address these issues but when I click on the notification it shows no message.

  • Sorry, I posted an incomplete message, which I removed immediately.

    1) You have two menus in Appearance -> Menus: one with Social Menu Top option enabled second with Social Menu Bottom. When you uncheck these options, socials will appear at top, and bottom of your website

    2) Can you attach a link to such a product? I could not find it.

    3) To check that, we will need your FTP credentials. Please send them as you did with the WP dashboard. Remember to attach a link to this forum discussion.

    4) To hide attributes on the archive page, you should create them as on the video tutorial (link below) and uncheck the option "Show in loop?".


    Best regards

  • Thank you for the social media.

    Edit product “Bulldog” ‹ ColorVelvet-USA — WordPress

    The variation is done on the products page. All I need is for the variation to NOT show up on the main shopping pages. https://colorvelvet-usa.com/blog/shop/ , Obvioulsy it must be available everywhere else so people can order them correctly.

    The ISSUE with the two buttons on the main shopping page is that, as I showed you on the last message screen shot it then adds TWO Select Options buttons which makes the website and pages look unprofessional and sloppy. I do have my 1st order coming in the next 8 days so I do need this fixed please.

    Thank you!

  • Nevermind... after clicking and unclicking a few dozen items. I found it and fixed it.

    Thank you!

    I hope this is one of the last questions for this website ... where do I find this Subscribe item on this page? I want to remove it, but I can do that myself if you help me find it on the backend.


  • It is a part of the Shop template. You can edit it in the Templates tab.

    Please see the following video tutorial:


    Best regards

  • Thank you! Sorry I missed it !!

    I think that site is now 95% done! THANK YOU for all of your assistance !!

  • No problem. Glad I could help. 😉

    If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

    Best regards

  • I just tried to login to the wordpress but it wont accept my login information or let me in? What happened? :(

  • Since this message, I did not log in to your WP dashboard, and I did not change anything on your website, but from the beginning, I have had problems logging into your dashboard.

    The security plugin (with a simple equation on the login screen) could be the reason. You can disable your plugins via FTP, and check if you can log in then.


    Best regards

  • You have access is there any why you can disable the plugins for me? I have ZERO idea how to do that. I know how if I could login to the wp admin dashboard but that wont work. It would HELP me a lot if you can do it.

  • I only have access to your dashboard, but not to FTP.

    Please see the link I sent in my previous message. There you will find an explanation of how to disable plugins with FTP.

    Best regards

  • Hi Phil,

    You helped with my Adaline Paints website by using my Godaddy account, so you do have access to my Colorvelvet using the same login details. I read the instructions but they are as clear as mud to me, this is not my field.

    Can you enter my Godaddy and address this?

  • Phil, can you send me a message on gmail chat to expedite this discussion? Thank you!

    mtanderson219 @ gmail.com

  • Sorry, but I do not manage a mailbox, and I can answer you only through the forum

    The servers on your account do not have this domain assigned, so it is connected to another one to which I do not have a connection.

    It would be best if you contact your web developer regarding this.

    Best regards

  • Ok. I got godaddy to fix that issue.

    However, now when I click on any of my products it only loops back to that same page. It wont go to the actual product page.

    Any assistance would be GREAT! Please help .. and not sure how this happened :(

  • Also now my category search is missing on my products page. This is WEIRD. How can all these issues be here.

    Is there a way to reset the website back to when you fixed the issue with the social media? Where do I find this process? Is it possible?

    If its reset to when you fixed the social media that day everything worked properly...

  • I can see that a blank page appears even when trying to visit pages like About us or Contact.

    Did you change anything recently on your website?

    Without logging into your WP dashboard, my help is limited, unfortunately.

    You can contact your server administrator, and ask to revert a backup.

    Best regards

  • my server has no backup but I have that I THINK is a backup file.

    I didnt even check to see if other pages were messed up. This doesnt make sense to me.

    The site was done now its all messed up.

    Can you see if this file is a true backup? It is supposed to be one, but I have no idea how to load it. Can you assist?

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