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Hi there,

sorry for the delay but you asked me to open up a new thread as we have the same issue as the person here:

As described already, we have massive bugs with duplicated elements or wraps. Although we work with the BeTheme every day, we still couldn't figure out why this sometimes happens and why it sometimes doesn't.

We think that the issue occures since the nested wraps are added to the BeBuilder.

Anyway we have various problems actually:

  • Sometimes it is not possible to edit a duplicated element / wrap
  • Sometimes the original element changes according to the changes in the duplicated element / wrap
  • Sometimes it on top happens, that the new content shows up hundreds of times
  • Sometimes the original element is completely gone after we made changes
  • Sometimes everything is gone after we safe (the original one and the duplicated one)

It is not happening on one site - we experience this issue on almost every BeTheme Website we are currently working on.

Things that sometimes helped and sometimes didn't:

  • build EVERYTHING with nested wraps (especially on old websites VERY intensive in time!!)
  • safe after every single step and reload
  • reload the page like 100 times
  • duplicate the element and edit the original one (not the duplicated one)
  • Make 100% sure no texts were copied with formats

Even if we gave the elements or wraps particular IDs or classes we still had those problems.

The weird thing is, that on some pages in one website we do not have any issues and on others massive ones. But the installation is the same.

The very next time we experience troubles on a page I will immediately send you the details for login. Maybe we will do so for the next few customers where we experience issues. I will also inform all of my colleagues to let you know.

Is that okay for you?

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Bea from .SKRUFF


  • Hi,

    We recently made some improvements in recent updates regarding this kind of problem.

    Do you have the newest version of Betheme installed?

    If yes, and the problem persists, please go to Revisions in BeBuilder, save the page revision without any changes, restore it immediately, update the page, refresh Builder, and see if this helps.

    Best regards

  • Thank you Phil - we will keep you updated!

    We actually worked with the revisions before, too - forgot to mention that in our "solution-list" :-D

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