How update to the new version of Be|theme?



  • I just updated and for some reason I lost my menu and have no idea how to restore it... any ideas?
  • I found my issue, browser cache.... lol
  • @bsbarlow Please send a link to your page. You could go to theme options>addons&plugins>addons
    and disable the plugin for popup.

  • Our site is currently under development and not available on a public connection.

    Here is a screenshot of the double image:

    17.8.3 addons and plugins settings does not have an option to disable prettyphoto, only magnific popup now. Screenshot:

    After disabling magnific popup in the addons settings it allows prettyphoto to function properly without the double popup.

    Can you provide your instructions on using magnific popup on a photo with betheme? I would like to follow the updates and workflow as you provide.

  • You can disable lightbox then you have probably installed some plugin that uses popup images and it inerferes. Take a look :
    We cannot help if we do not see the site live.
  • Yes, that is a workaround for now. I am not using any plugins for popups or styling except the theme. Please private message me and I'll provide access for your review.
  • If you are using only the theme styling and the bundled plugins and everything works we do not need to take a look.
  • i have the same problem,
    when i disable pretty photo in theme Settings they are only one large image to close.
    but i think this is pretty Photo Image Viewer!

    how can i delete pretty Photo ?
  • @stooni
    Please update the theme to the newest version. We no longer use prettyphoto.

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    Hi team, if I update to the latest betheme version (has not been done in over 2 years) will the look of my site change a lot? I do not to ruin formatting etc. My site is at
    Thanks :) (Site currently has version 4.5)
  • Hi,
    If you did not make any changes in the theme files then it should be fine but we always recommend to make a backup first. You just have to update and see for yourself.
  • Hi, when you say file modification it doesn't means any customization at theme options, customizer interface or site content right? And the CSS or JS customization, does it means a file modification? I think file modification are those inside the php files. For example just like some themes where we must insert google analytics code inside footer php file, what is not necessary with betheme because we have the field for google analytics in theme options. Thats right?
    If i´m using a child theme i have to export settings at child theme and make the upgrade at the parent theme?
  • @Victor_Morelli
    Yes, by modification we only mean changinf the theme files (stylesheets, php files etc.)
    They will get overwritten on the theme update so any changes in them will be lost, this is why there is a child theme and theme options (theme options are saved in the database so updating the theme will not change anything)
  • Thank you! 
  • Hi team, how can I get the file for updating to the latest version? I had a web designer build my site for me and I do not know where he purchased the theme, I have lost contact with him...Can you let me know how I can update and where I can get the update file? Thank you :)
  • @elliscreative Please send us private message thru contact form which is on the right side at so we can check if there is anything we can do to help you. Please don’t forget to let us know in a message, what for this access is.
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    Never mind
  • Hi.
    I did the upgrade to the new Betheme version.
    I like that now it is possible to remove the autor from the post:
    Be theme -» theme options -» blog -» options -» Post Meta.

    A very good minor improvement would be to have the possibility to show the hour of the post.
    It would be useful if we have several posts per day.
  • Hi,
    you said that you have updated to the newest version but this is not true. please check again since the newest version has these options included in theme options>blog>blog 
    We do not controll the date, this is the wordpress default function.
  • Do I need to delete the old theme files before uploading version 20 files. In particular I notice that the folder "plugins" is not existent in the new theme folder. or do I just update all new files?
  • Yes, please remove the theme folder completely. Then install the newest version of betheme.
    We recommend making a backup before.
  • Thanks team....

  • @muffingroup I could not find a contact tab. Is there another way to solve this? When I followed the link it did not offer a way to contact unless I signed in but I have no sign in details...

    Help please :)
  • @elliscreative you must have an account and active support to get help.
  • Hi guys, I am having a problem with upload timeouts and the Betheme options having to be relinked everything I try to change colors, etc.  I read some type of error message regarding increasing something, but cannot find it.  I'm sure I just missed a fix or something.  Thanks, Ron

    I am also trying to find the BUY NOW button on this site, but cannot.  Can you help me please?

    I own 5 licenses\websites and this is the only one I am having problems with.

  • Hi, please go to your FTP, create php file with phpinfo() function inside and send us link to that file so we can have a look on your server settings. Then send it privately thru the contact form which is on the right side at
    The problem is probably related to limits but to be sure which one is the reason, we need that link. For more details about file creation, please visit 

    The buy now button is an action button, edit it in theme options>header&subheader>extras
  • Hi Just Short Beginner Question

    I want to update my Theme from 20.2 to 20.3. As far as I am informed there are 2 ways to update the BeTheme:

    1. In Wordpress Admin-Area under Update I just can click on Update and then everything is fine.

    2. I have to delete the old Theme File from my FTP-Server and upload the newest I downloaded from Themeforest into the WP-Admin Area and activate it again.

    Which way should I choose and is there a diffrence at the end? Way 2 is a bit more work, but I thought that is the right way for templates which aren't made by wordpress?

    Thanks in advance for your help and have a great day!

    Best regards
  • Hi,
    the first method is not a default wordpress update method. It was created by us and is the best way to update the theme, it does exactly the same thing as you presented in the second point.
    If you have limits on your server and somehow the first method does not work for you, then use the direct FTP way.
  • In upgrading 20.3 to 20.4 on Agency2 theme, it says any customizations you have made to theme files will be lost

    When I did it - I completely lost ALL CONTENT.  What am I doing wrong here?  Why can't the theme auto update and keep the content without having to go thru extra steps of backing up etc.?  Again, this seems like this should be easier. 

  • Never mind - I give up.  Requesting refund and finding easier theme to work with. 
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